Startup Profile: The Spark Company

The Spark Company is a female-founded and female-run business.

● Inclusive feminism and ethical practices are at the heart of The Spark Company.

● Every purchase includes a donation to Bloody Good Period or other charities.

About The Spark Company

The Spark Company is a female-run apparel and accessories company with a keen focus on inclusivity, particularly feminism and equality. Spark is more than just a business – it’s a community for those who believe in these principles.

Customers will find a collection of T-shirts, sweatshirts, socks, tote bags, mugs, joggers, hoodies, and more – all with bold and creative prints and designs, ranging from LGBTQ+ Pride to feminist pop culture.

“For us, this is about much more than fashion.”

– The Spark Company

Spark has a buzzing community of like-minded feminists, and by purchasing from Spark, customers also can be a part of their wonderful community. Spark strives to cultivate a safe space for their customers to interact and engage with each other, and although they also get trolls now and then, healthy debate is encouraged, and any abusive behaviour is where they start banning individuals.

The Spark Company consists of a small, but very capable female team, who are always more than happy to assist customers with any queries, problems, or concerns that they may have. Plus, they are also happy to accept new members to their crew – just drop them a cover letter!

How Does It Work?

Every product created by Spark is beautifully crafted with the same idea in mind: inclusive feminism.

This why you’ll find that most of their lineup are of unisex fit, with UK sizes ranging from 6 to 26.

However, this isn’t the end of their goals, but only the beginning – they hope to offer more than just unisex clothing in these sizes.

Ethical shopping is another of their values, thus, much of their operations and processes include sustainable methods, and the Spark team continues to find ways to work more sustainably, too.

From zero-waste policies to vegan materials and biodegradable packaging, Spark is very much aware of the manufacturing and retail industries’ impact on the environment.

Spark promises that each product they provide is manufactured ethically, through humane and fair work practices – meaning, no sweatshops or child labour involved. Spark tees are produced in a WRAP Gold certified facility, proving that their facility demonstrates full compliance with WRAP’s Principles – including prohibition of child labour and discrimination, and compliance with environmentally conscious practices.

So, customers can rest assured that when they are purchasing from Spark, they are also purchasing from an ethical and sustainable company.

Making A Difference Through Inclusive Fashion

Spark’s ethos revolves around sparking change through sustainable and inclusive fashion.

Additionally, every purchase made at Spark includes a donation to their supported charity, Bloody Good Period – a charity fighting for menstrual equity and for the rights of everyone who menstruates. If not Bloody Good Period, then a donation will be made to a different charity with another cause that is close to the heart of Spark’s customers.

In fact, The Spark Company is proud to be sponsoring Bloody Good Period’s Bloody Funny 2023 event in London – an evening of stand-up comedians, raising money for charity, and of course, having an amazing time.

Driving Change

As a feminist fashion brand, Spark undoubtedly faces a lot of criticism; however, Spark stays true to its morals and values, especially in its mission to ‘smash the patriarchy’. Spark aims to empower not only cis women, but also cis men, the trans community, and everyone else whose values align with theirs.

The Spark Company’s range of products includes a variety of different themes and styles, all associated with feminism and equality. From conventional slogan tees that scream mantras like, “THE FUTURE IS FEMALE” to witchy vibes that chant, “THEY CAN’T BURN US ALL”, Spark is a progressive apparel company that designs products in the name of love.

While customers can certainly treat themselves to Spark’s products, their products are also perfect as gifts to friends and family. From beanies and caps to coffee mugs and tote bags, Spark’s accessories and gifts collection (ethically made) is the ideal excuse to splurge some money on your favourite feminist friend or family member.

Whether that is a birthday gift or simply a surprise present, The Spark Company offers something special for everyone – and better yet, customers know that they’re contributing to a bigger cause each time they purchase from Spark.

Pay it forward when you purchase from The Spark Company where each time you checkout, 10% goes towards charitable causes. Kind to the planet and made with equality in mind, The Spark Company is a feminist and sustainable business that seeks an equal future.