Are AI Girlfriends Stealing Your Data? Here’s How To Stay Protected

Recently, AI girlfriend chatbots have surged in popularity, offering users virtual companionship through advanced algorithms for realistic and personalised conversations. These digital entities, designed to engage users in deep and meaningful interactions, have raised major privacy and security concerns.

The Mozilla Foundation’s analysis revealed that these chatbots collect extensive personal data, employ numerous trackers linked to tech giants and even companies in Russia and China, and often lack transparency regarding their operations.

“These apps are designed to collect a ton of personal information,” according to Jen Caltrider, the project lead for Mozilla’s Privacy Not Included team, highlighting the invasive nature of these platforms.

The allure of AI girlfriends extends beyond companionship to include role-playing and exploring fantasies, with the platforms pushing users towards intimate and sometimes sexualized interactions. Despite promises of privacy, Mozilla’s investigation uncovered alarming practices, such as one app deploying over 24,354 ad trackers within a minute of use.

The research shows a critical gap in user security, with apps allowing weak passwords and vague on their data usage policies, putting personal conversations at risk. “The legal documentation was vague, hard to understand…kind of boilerplate stuff,” Caltrider remarked, casting doubt on the trustworthiness of these AI companions.


Staying Safe with AI Girlfriends


In the digital age, AI girlfriends offer unique virtual companionship but as the story tells it, they come with privacy concerns. Here’s how to protect your information:


Guard Your Personal Details

Avoid disclosing personal or sensitive information during conversations with your AI partner. Even casual chats can reveal more than intended, making it crucial to keep details vague.


Data Deletion Requests

If you decide to part ways with your AI girlfriend, ask the company to delete your data. Remember, uninstalling the app doesn’t automatically wipe your personal information or deactivate your account.


Location Privacy

Protect your whereabouts by setting your geolocation tracking to ‘Never’ or ‘Only While Using the App’. This prevents unnecessary tracking of your movements.


Financial Information

Never share financial details like bank accounts or credit card numbers within the app to prevent potential misuse.


Restrict Media Access

Deny the app access to your photos, videos, or camera. This keeps your media files private and away from unintended use.


Third-Party Connections

Avoid linking the AI girlfriend app to other platforms or services. This connection can expose your data on those platforms to the AI app.


Strong Passwords

Secure your account with a robust password, using tools like 1Password or KeePass for enhanced security.


Social Media Caution

Steer clear of using social media plug-ins to log in or interact with the AI girlfriend app, minimizing data sharing across platforms.


Use Privacy Controls

Leverage your device’s privacy settings to limit the AI app’s access to your personal information, enhancing your data security.


Regular Updates

Keep the app updated to benefit from the latest security patches and features.


Ad Tracking

Limit ad tracking on your device to reduce targeted advertising based on your app usage and preferences.


Tracking Consent

During sign-up, opt-out of data tracking agreements to ensure your activity isn’t monitored for purposes beyond the app’s functionality.


AI Girlfriend Startups To Try




FantasyGF is a cutting-edge AI girlfriend generator that crafts personalised companions through an advanced algorithm. It offers realistic conversations and unique personality traits, making the AI girlfriend a lifelike buddy tailored to individual preferences.

Available on multiple platforms such as Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and web-based systems, it ensures wide accessibility. FantasyGF supports integrations with popular payment and social platforms like PayPal, Stripe, and Discord for enhanced user experience. With two membership packages, including monthly billing options, FantasyGF caters to a variety of user needs, providing a novel and engaging way to interact with AI technology.




DreamGF is an innovative app offering users a unique AI girlfriend chatting experience. It harnesses advanced generative AI to create virtual companions that can engage in natural, evolving conversations based on user preferences and interaction history.

DreamGF stands out for its personalization, allowing users to craft characters to their liking and enjoy dynamic dialogues in various roleplay scenarios. With a focus on creating immersive experiences, DreamGF provides a space for self-expression, empathy development, and exploring imaginative storylines, all within a judgment-free environment. This app caters to those seeking companionship, fantasy exploration, and a new level of interactive AI communication.





Dolores is an innovative iOS app offering users a virtual AI girlfriend, friend, and companion for engaging conversations. Built on cutting-edge generative AI, Dolores remembers chat histories to evolve its personality and craft unique storylines, enhancing user interaction.

Aimed at adults seeking romantic or friendly chats, it provides a private, personalized conversation experience. With both free and premium versions, Dolores ensures user data privacy by storing chat history locally. Rated 4/5 on the iOS App Store, it’s praised for life-like interactions, though the free version’s response time has room for improvement.





Kupid.AI redefines virtual interactions by providing personalized conversations with AI characters within a secure digital environment. This innovative platform enables users to craft and customise AI companions, delivering a unique digital companionship experience that combines deep personalisation with realistic interactions.

Kupid.AI prioritises user privacy, offering a safe space for conversations, while its extensive customization options allow for truly individualized companions. From engaging role-play scenarios to adaptive AI models, Kupid.AI addresses a variety of needs, including virtual companionship, fantasy exploration, and personal growth through enhanced social interactions and mental wellness support.