StayTouch launches to revolutionise the way we make connections


LONDON, 11 September 2019: StayTouch, an innovative global app designed to shake up the way we network, has officially launched in the UK. Offering a fuss-free way of sharing contact information and remembering who we met where and when, the app is available on iOS and Android devices (supports 12.3 or higher on iOS and 8.0 or higher on Android) and has already attracted over four thousand downloads by early adopters.

The patent-pending platform allows users to exchange contact details by simply touching their phones together. It boasts an array of built-in features, from the ability to add personal notes for each encounter to automatically syncing your profile updates throughout your network – helping individuals create more long-term, meaningful connections.

Ahead of its launch, StayTouch surveyed professionals across the nation to explore their attitudes surrounding networking, exchanging details and building connections.

The research found that, even in today’s digital-first world where many networking and business opportunities are online, 83% of respondents still find it important to meet people face-to-face before sharing contact details.

Yet the awkwardness of making new connections continues to rile the nerves of inhibited Brits.

Of the moments that make us feel awkward, over half (53%) pointed to tapping the name and number of a new contact into a smart phone –  which comes as no surprise when almost half of us (46%) admit to having forgotten the name of the very person whose details we’re trying to add. Meanwhile 44% feared the pressure of swapping business cards.

After all is said and done, two thirds (64%) of people can only recall a fraction of information about the people they’ve met, with details such as how they connected and where falling by the wayside.

But, that may not be the biggest of our worries when two thirds of us (66%) experience problems re-connecting with new contacts in the first place. Causes ranged from walking around presenting out-of-date business cards to would-be contacts (22%), losing other people’s business cards (32%), noting down details incorrectly (25%), and struggling to find the right social profile (21%).

StayTouch helps remove these headaches with its host of features that are designed to make it easier for people to get connected and stay connected.

Gaurav Goel, founder and CEO of StayTouch, said: “I’ve been deeply frustrated by the options for exchanging and maintaining contact details for decades. Whether I met someone new at a business meeting, or a casual housewarming party, getting their contact information and staying connected is so much harder and more painful than it should be. The current way we do it is flawed and makes developing meaningful connections unnecessarily difficult. StayTouch is the modern solution.”

Key features include:

  • Smarter way to exchange contact information: Simply touch two phones together to exchange details and record your meeting
  • Memory to a meeting: When you exchange details the platform automatically saves the date, time and place of that exchange
  • Addition of personal notes: Add memos, recordings and photos to each contact to remember key details from how you met to what you talked about
  • Alternative to business cards: With millions of business cards thrown away each year, the app offers a greener approach
  • Automatic profile updates: When you make changes to your profile, the app automatically transfers them to all your contacts
  • Creation of multiple profiles: Ability to create different profiles allowing users to control the personal information they share with each contact