A Step Towards the Future of Neuromodulation

Healthtech acquisition to progress tDCS neuromodulation technology for the treatment of mental health disorders.

Flow Neuroscience Acquires Halo

Flow Neuroscience is the creator of Europe’s first medically approved brain stimulation device to treat depression at home. Now, they have acquired the assets of Halo Neuroscience Inc, a US-based company leading the development of brain stimulation technology to optimise performance and well-being. By acquiring Halo’s technology, Flow aims to progress its transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) capabilities to be able to expand treatment to include mental health issues that are commonly comorbid with depression.


Advancements in Neuromodulation

People diagnosed with depression have been found to have lower neural activity in the left frontal lobe, the area of the brain controlling cognitive skills and emotional expression. Flow’s medically certified headset uses tDCS to deliver a constant, low direct current via electrodes to stimulate neurons to that area.

The headset is used in conjunction with Flow’s depression app, which is based on psychological research and neuroscience, guiding users through a series of personalised exercises informed by behavioural therapy.

Halo’s tDCS headset stimulates the motor cortex, an area involved with planning, control and execution of voluntary movements. This enables the user to learn faster and perform better, ultimately improving cognitive performance and mental well-being.


Making Mental Health Accessible

People encounter barriers when trying to access mental health services for many reasons, and the current pandemic only exacerbates this problem. Dubbed the greatest threat to mental health since WWII, an additional 10 million people are thought to need new or additional mental health support as a direct result of the crisis. However, with the surge in people seeking help, the NHS is at full capacity and people are unable to schedule appointments.

Flow’s portable technology (headset and app) are easy to use and effective in reducing the symptoms of depression – all in the comfort of the patient’s home at a time that is most suitable to them. The effectiveness of brain stimulation for the treatment of unipolar depression was recognised by the NHS and has been proven to have a similar impact to antidepressants without the side-effects.

Mind on the Future

Daniel Mansson, CEO and Co-Founder of Flow Neuroscience and clinical psychologist, explains the decision to acquire Halo: “Our aim is to dramatically improve the lives of people who struggle with their mental health. Halo’s technology and academic research complement that of Flows’ in an almost magical way and will help us to take a very important next step on this journey together with our community of users.”