Hawksford’s Steven Landes on The Tech Investment Scene

It’s been reported recently that a surge in foreign investment is helping put the UK’s tech scene on track for its best year ever. The ‘usual suspects’ US and China have again been identified as the main sources, but what’s notably being overlooked is the contribution from a new and fast-rising source: Eastern Europe.

 Eastern European investment notably differs from that emerging from China or America based on what investors are looking for, namely the availability of talent, the comparative ease of business startup and access to venture capital funding. This group also tends to move much faster with social media support.

Over the last couple of years, there has definitely been a significant influx in the number of tech enquires and start-ups focusing on the fintech space. London has always been a financial capital, this trend will continue as more businesses seek to harness internet applications for London’s extensive range of financial products.

Investing in start-ups is always risky but the rewards for the brave can be substantial especially when investing in tech companies. The best advice for anyone looking to invest in UK’s tech sector is the same regardless of their origin: do your due diligence. This means not only taking a close look at your investee, but also making sure you get specific and clear advice on topics like tax reporting, employee/director contracts and company structure, which can avoid costly pitfalls for investors who want to move fast. Even with a market as advanced and investor-friendly as the UK’s , the right guidance is critical to identifying good, honest people with businesses you can trust with your investment.