STICPAY: a Convenient Way for European Companies to Engage With Asia


STICPAY, the award-winning fintech company, announces a safe, convenient payment solution for merchants to connect with customers on the Asian market. With a yearly growth of over 300%, a user-friendly customer approach, and partnerships with local financial institutions, STICPAY – named by Payments Awards as the Best Digital Wallet of 2019, is an attractive solution for users in Asia and beyond, serving customers globally across 200+ countries, including Japan, China, Indonesia, France, and the United Kingdom.

A global player at heart, STICPAY is centered around its clients’ needs and prized for its simplicity and reliability, offering 24/7 worldwide customer support and featuring over 15 languages on its platform, with further ones to be added soon. While the fintech payments solution is gaining popularity among end-users from all over the world, a growing number of merchants are utilising the e-wallet service in industries, such as eCommerce, FOREX, online gaming.

Regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), STICPAY offers a next-generation digital wallet service to customers that reduces their costs and creates a fast, convenient solution for international payments by eliminating intermediaries and forming strong partnerships with local Asian banks and financial networks.

In addition to the cost-efficient domestic bank wires featuring one-business day withdrawals in ten countries – currently available in Japan, South Korea, China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Vietnam, with support for additional countries coming soon – and the support of 28 different local currencies (merchants have access to all currencies with one account), STICPAY customers can also select from a wide variety of payment methods, including credit cards (Visa, Mastercard) and cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum) – STICPAY charges a competitive, 1% fee for crypto currency payments.

STICPAY’s services are available through multi-platform apps, using API connections to facilitate friction-less transactions. In addition to featuring an FCA-regulated UK license, STICPAY guarantees the safe storage of user savings in segregated accounts, with uninterrupted access to their funds, and a possibility of immediate withdrawals to external accounts. To facilitate low-cost currency conversions, the fintech e-wallet solution utilises USD as the base currency, providing an advantage over competitors that use EUR. While there is a fee for currency conversions on the platform, STICPAY users pay approximately half the costs of exchanging currencies than at competitor services.

STICPAY also features its own prepaid debit card, the STIC Card, that provides the users of the award-winning e-wallet service a fast, cheap, and convenient way to withdraw their funds at local ATMs and use their remaining balance for both physical payments. Unlike its e-wallet competitors, such as the Skrill Card that is only available to residents of authorised European Economic Area (EEA) countries, STICPAY offers global access in over 174 countries for the STIC Card. With HKD as the base currency, the STIC Card features high daily limits that include a $5,000 ATM withdrawals and $2,000 Point of Sale (PoS) transactions every day.

“With competitive fees as well as fast, secure, and convenient payments as part of a growing fintech ecosystem, STICPAY offers a viable alternative to traditional payments services in the form of a next-generation e-wallet solution that has the capabilities to connect European businesses with international customers in an efficient way. We have a multinational team that has been working hard to gain a foothold on the Asian market. With a customer-focused approach, our goal is to connect businesses and end-users from all over the world via convenient payment service that features facilitates fast and cost-efficient transactions between our customers,” James Bay, STICPAY’s Customer service director stated.