Straal announces Matthijs Pronk as the new CCO

Matthijs Pronk
Straal – an international provider of effective payment, optimization, and fraud prevention solutions for digital businesses – appoints a Dutch-based outstanding C-level Executive as its new Chief Commercial Officer.


Matthijs Pronk joins Straal having nearly 14 years of experience in building successful commercial teams, including working for PSPs and acquiring banks both in the Netherlands and the UK. As the right hand of the CEO, he will be mainly responsible for the development and fulfilling the company’s strategic goals.


“I’m excited to help lead Straal with their commercial efforts and strategy! The time to join Straal is especially interesting: the company has already proven to be an agile fintech company where our staff aims to focus on merchant needs and delivers fast and accurate solutions for them. Straal has proven its track in the fintech industry and I am specifically impressed by its ability to reach profitability within 4 years of their existence. This is extraordinary in an industry where we see a lot of action, where change is business as usual and where competition is extremely fierce.“ – says Pronk.


His passion for the fintech industry and payments, enhanced by his positive attitude taken from delivering solutions to customers, will have a significant impact on the development of the company.


So we know Straal has built a successful & state of the art technical platform (yes, from the ground up and using a cloud technology system), from which we are sure many merchants will benefit across diverse industries. An example – but we sure do not limit our proposition to it – is our subscription engine, helping merchants to manage their recurring business model in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Of course, we need to stay in motion: keep delivering solutions for our merchants, making sure our platform remains technically outstanding and keep investing in our merchants and staff. For all these reasons I’m looking forward to the future and making this New Year 2021 count!” – sums up the new CCO of Straal.