Sumissura, The Online Made-To-Measure Clothing Brand, Supports Its Campaign With AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has recently burst into the fashion industry, transforming how apparel is designed, produced and marketed. From personalised recommendation algorithms to supply chain optimisation, AI has demonstrated its ability to revolutionise every stage of the fashion production process.

One of the most striking aspects is how Sumissura, an online bespoke clothing fashion brand has made its latest campaign fully supported by AI.
According to Salva Jovells, marketing director of the bespoke women’s fashion brand, AI was mainly used to simulate lookbooks, a novel approach to showcase its latest trends.

Sumissura’s approach with AI solutions focuses on improving the customer experience: Allowing us to simulate a wider variety of designs, allowing customers to visualise different fabrics in various situations and skin types.

This enriches our collections, reflecting a core value in our brand: diversity, says Salva Jovells. AI serves in this case to amplify and emphasise one of the pillars of the brand.

The novel use of AI for its Spring 2024 lookbook also exists in keeping with sustainability. It enabled the creation of images worldwide without travel, actual garment manufacturing or any extensive sampling process.

In this way, AI can help fashion brands and manufacturers reduce costs, improve efficiency and create more innovative and customized products.

Currently, Sumissura’s designers are testing the use of AI in creating patterns based on customer interests for possible use in on-demand custom printing.