Surge In AI Interest Amongst UK Businesses As Searches Increase By 1,000%

UK businesses are increasingly turning to AI experts in line with increased global adoption, in results shown by Fiverr’s latest Business Trends Index

Fiverr, the company that is revolutionizing how the world works together, today released its 7th Business Trends Index, a collection of trending searches for services on Fiverr’s platform.

Among the millions of searches on the marketplace, AI and Accounting and Finance services saw the largest increase in the UK over the last six months.

Since the launch of ChaptGPT back in November, generative AI has been a hot topic as businesses explore how they can leverage the technology from tools such as ChatGPT and Midjourney to make a positive impact on their bottom line and mitigate any potential threats to their business.


The following were some of the terms that saw the most growth amongst UK businesses:


  • AI Art +6,223%
  • AI +1,070%
  • Accounting and Finance +835%
  • Website Development +92%



New Business Still Being Founded Despite Economic Challenges


Despite the economic challenges globally and also within the UK, Fiverr’s UK trending search terms data over the last six months suggested that new businesses are still being created.

From a huge uptick in Accounting and Finance services (+835%), to an increase in Business Naming services (+51%) and Website Development (+92%), it seems as though businesses are still backing themselves to thrive during the economic downturn.

These are the trending UK searches over the past six months that suggest that UK business is growing:

  • Accounting and finance (+835%)
  • Create Shopify Dropshipping store (+123%)
  • Business name (51%)

Bukki Adedapo, UK Country Manager, Fiverr said: “The services that are trending on the Fiverr platform are indicative of society’s rapidly increasing awareness and adoption of AI on a wider scale, following the launch of a number of generative AI tools to varied success.

“What may be a little more surprising is the suggestion that UK businesses are actually being founded more now during a time of global economic turbulence than before. Having said this, often recessions and times of dramatic global shifts present new opportunities for businesses to prosper. In the last 6 months businesses and freelancers have certainly been tested, but we’re delighted that Fiverr is helping them to overcome the odds.”