Sustainable Solutions: The Hidden Potential of Water

A new company launch offers long-term solutions for sustainability and the use of water.

Sustainable Water Solutions

We all know the importance of water. But it seems we may be missing a trick when it comes to making the most of its usage and long-term sustainability. Now, Hydro-X Engineering Ltd – a start-up water, wastewater and process engineering company – is here to show us all just how vital this critical resource is. By unlocking hidden energy savings, performance improvements and waste reduction potential across different industries.

How Hydro-X Engineering is Offering Solutions

Described as ‘the modern choice for tomorrow’s water and wastewater challenges’, Hydro-X Engineering launched in January 2021. They offer bespoke sustainable process engineering solutions that are designed to exceed client expectations in an ever-evolving modern world.

Dave Norman – Managing Director of Hyrdo-X Engineering – is excited about the company’s ambitions.

“Our commitment to working with customers to design, build and implement responsible, future-proofed water and process engineering systems is focused around reducing the waste of precious H2O and energy. Mitigating costs, while improving system performance. It means the work we do at Hydro-X Engineering is not only beneficial to our clients. It’s beneficial to the wider community and the environment as a whole. Sustainability is something we’re incredibly passionate about.”

As part of the Hydro-X Group – the largest independently owned water treatment organisation in the UK – this pioneering new arm was created as an antidote to the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to water, wastewater and energy reduction services.

The Future is Collaborative

Inspired to do better, they are focused on operating as a collaborative and trusted partner, rather than a third-party supplier. Developing long-term relationships with world-leading clients across a range of sectors including: manufacturing, food & beverage, chemical & pharmaceutical, microelectronics, data centres, distribution & logistics, facilities management, and healthcare, amongst others. Helping them all to deliver tangible results against productivity, efficiency and sustainability targets.

This future-facing mindset focused on long term solutions and energy saving already sets Hydro-X Engineering apart from their competitors. Paired with an entrepreneurial spirit and their use of robust products, proven technologies, in-house expertise, best-in-class engineering excellence and a bespoke service offering; it seems Hydro-X Engineering are indeed set to become the modern and informed choice for solving the increasingly important water challenges of the future.