Taylor Watkins Launches to Offer Best Boat Insurance Rates

Taylor Watkins has launched their specialist boat insurance business to cater for those looking for the best boat insurance rates on the market. For both seasoned sailors or those on a one-off sailing trip, Taylor Watkins helps to compare the UK’s leading boat insurers to find you the most competitive rate on the market.

Enjoy a holiday free from the crowds and take to the high seas. Sailing is an ideal trip coming out of the pandemic, allowing you to enjoy fresh air and the beauty of nature in an intimate and exclusive setting. With sailing holidays on the rise, make sure you are properly insured before setting sail.

The team of experts at Taylor Watkins can advise you on everything boat-related from what type of insurance you need, the different factors that can affect your policy, and specific considerations for your vessel.




Who Can Taylor Watkins Help?


Taylor Watkins caters not only for those looking for boat insurance, but those looking to insure dinghies, small crafts, yachts, inland crafts, motorboats and jetskis.

Through their online service, you can compare across leading UK boat insurers in order to find a quote to best fit your needs.

For those sailing around the UK only, or for those looking to go further afield, Taylor Watkins can find the most competitive quote within 24 hours.


Why Do I Need Boat Insurance?


There are many factors to consider when finding an appropriate boat insurance policy including the type of vessel, where the vessel will be sailing, where it will be stored, and who will be onboard.

Taylor Watkins makes the process easy and quick so that you can sail with peace of mind.

Ranging from minimum cover, third party insurance, there are many different additional policies which can be added to protect against theft, damage or accidents.




How To Get A Quote


With Taylor Watkin’s 100% digital service, they do the hard work for you. Get a personalised quote within 5 minutes through the website or speak to a team representative. Once the team comes back to you with a quote, you can be insured within 24 hours!


What Information Do You Need To Get A Quote?


Whether requesting a quote online or by phone, you will typically need the following information:

  • Type of vessel – for example yacht, small craft
  • Age of the vessel
  • Engine details – horse power and engine size
  • Value of the boat – how much your boat was worth when you bought it and any additional work since
  • What the vessel is being used for – recreation, business
  • Where it is being sailed and stored


The more detailed the information you provide, the more personalised your quote will be.