Tech Among Sectors with Most Loyal Workforce

New data reveals that the tech industry is among the sectors with the most loyal workforces.


9.1% of Brits Change Jobs Annually


According to the Office for National Statistics, 9.1% of brits change jobs each year. With new job opportunities to ponder each day, wanted to find out how many people are staying loyal to their industry, and how many are leaving for a new line of work.

By using data collected from the Office for National Statistics to calculate a loyalty score from the ratio of people remaining in the same industry vs. the ones who have left, they can now reveal which industry has the most loyal employees!


The 5 Most Loyal Sectors


Taking first place with the most loyal employees is the education industry (i.e. teachers, lecturers, admissions officers) with a whopping loyalty score of 11.99. For those who signed up to shape the education of children across the country, it’s no surprise that they are the ones dedicated to seeing it through. It appears that the reward of imparting knowledge has made them loyal to being educators.

Next, in second place with a score of 8.27 is the health and social work industry (i.e. health care assistants, physio therapists). The unique combination of patient-care and providing medical services has employees dedicated to this industry – even through the COVID-19 pandemic.

In third, with a loyalty score of 5.97, is the financial and insurance activities industry (i.e. accountants, actuaries, auditors). The higher pay and optimistic job prospects are enough to earn employees’ loyalty.

Employees in the transport and storage industry (i.e. procurement officers, postal workers) come in fourth with a score of 5.25. With a variety of jobs available within this industry, changing jobs and exploring the industry still allows employees to stay loyal to it.

Rounding out the top five is the information and technology sector (i.e. cyber security analysts, applications developers) scoring 5.00 in loyalty. Given the boom in this sector, loyalty is high as demand for jobs continues to grow.


Last On The List


Placing tenth, scoring a loyalty score of 4.26, is the wholesale, retail, and vehicle repair industry (i.e. vehicle technicians, store managers, wholesale managers). Given the unique skill set needed but lower pay this sector typically offers, it is no surprise that workers are split on staying loyal to this industry.