Tired of Tech-splaining To Older Relatives?

We’ve all been there, increasingly frustrated as we try to explain tech to an older relative. Luckily, Kin Wan has stepped in to help with his newest tech service.


Helping Older People Master Their Tech

Kin Wan is a man on a mission to help older people master technology. Whether you need to buy a new phone or laptop and don’t know where to start, have a computer that you are too scared to turn it on, or don’t know your Zoom from your WhatsApp, Kin Wan is here to help.


How Was The Idea Born?

Having seen first-hand an older gentleman being sold the wrong mobile phone in a shop, Kin stepped in and asked the man what he actually needed the phone for. It turns out, it was just to call his daughter. Yet he was being sold the latest, most expensive phone, which he didn’t need. That’s when Kin had his lightbulb moment. There was a real gap in the market for practical and honest advice, you can trust, when it comes to buying technology.


Who is Kin Wan?

Kin Wan was an engineer for over 15 years and was even involved with creating the electronics for Star Wars merchandise. More recently, Kin has been working at Windsor Castle as a warden, so you could say he has the Royal stamp of approval. In his spare time Kin loves to research technology and decided to turn his love into a business.

Kin is really patient with everyone he works with, as he knows what it’s like to have to learn things as an adult. Kin suffered a massive brain haemorrhage on his 23rd birthday, he was told he probably wouldn’t survive and was given a 1% chance of survival. Despite this he’s gone on to learn to walk again, got married, went on to have a hugely successful career in engineering and launched his own business.


Who Is This For?

Kin Wan, Founder of Ask-Kin said: “Since lockdown, technology has become more important than ever, but what if you don’t know how to Zoom your grandchildren, or order your food shopping online? I’m here to help answer any questions, however small and help you on your technological journey. If you want a new piece of tech, I do all the hard work and research for you and then present you with a list of options, all within budget. I also help set-up phones or laptops that you’ve bought yourself, and can train you how to use the tech you already have.”