TENZING Natural Energy Teams Up With TechRound to Fuel The Met

Team TENZING and UK online tech startup TechRound teamed up to deliver a well-deserved boost of plant power to the Metropolitan Police’s response team officers. Delivering dozens of cans of TENZING’s plant-based energy drinks to police officers in London. Officers at Wembley Police Station in North London were given dozens of refreshing cans of TENZING, delivering them all a much-needed natural boost of caffeine, vitamin C and electrolytes to power them through a busy shift.

Throughout COVID-19, TENZING have been keen to support the UK’s keyworkers, NHS workers and emergency service workers, working night and day across the country to see us all through safely.

TechRound co-Founder David Soffer said of the delivery: “With the increasing pressure on all of our emergency services, the police remain our protectors. We reached out to TENZING, who have such a strong emphasis on community and environmental responsibility which has enabled us to deliver to the police, society’s protectors a much-needed boost.

Our police, across London and the UK are always tirelessly there for us come rain or shine doing a great job in keeping us safe, so providing them with some delicious TENZING seemed like he right thing to do.

The emergency response team at Wembley were thrilled to receive the delivery at the start of a busy afternoon shift in the capital on a warm spring day.

TENZING has already been playing its part across the UK, having delivered over 75,000 cans of natural energy to NHS staff. “It became clear the increasing pressure the NHS staff were under” said TENZING Founder, Huib van Bockel, “we thought that with all the incredible work they’re doing and their dedication to keeping us all healthy and safe, the least we could do was to provide them with TENZING to keep them naturally energised.”

TechRound co-Founder David Soffer delivered the TENZING

They have also been helping our unsung heroes through the coronavirus pandemic, helping staff at local Tesco stores stacking shelves.

Both Tenzing and TechRound have, in recent times been keen to encourage people across the UK and the world to eat and drink healthily. TENZING, a CQUIN compliant product, have been providing their drinks to NHS cafes and restaurants since launching 4 years ago.

David continued: “Being keen to do something to put a smile on the faces of our police officers, we spoke to the team at Tenzing, who were only too happy to assist, delivering a huge number of cans within a short period of time. We all see the police around our towns and cities, keeping us all safe; walking and driving around. A bit of extra energy was the least we could do!”