The Best Apps For Digital Nomads

Between companies’ remote working policies and international incentives from destinations across the globe, there has never been a better time to be a Digital Nomad. Here are three invaluable tools to help plan and manage a ‘Work From Anywhere’ adventure.

Choosing your destination: Remotely, from App In The Air

To help anyone curious about pursuing the ‘Work From Anywhere’ trend, leading personal travel assistant app, App In The Air, has launched a brand new remote working tool, Remotely, to support Digital Nomads with the information they need to travel and work around the world.

With easy-to-use search functionality, Remotely aids Digital Nomads to travel safely and work remotely from the most suitable and compatible locations. The topical new App In The Air interface allows users to search for remote working programmes around the world, filtering by preferences, health requirements, fees, and more.

Looking to leave your city for a month in the mountains? AITA can find the perfect programme for you. Want to take your next Zoom call by the Caribbean Sea? AITA will serve you up the ideal solution.


Find somewhere to live: Blueground

Blueground is shaking up the rental market and offers a home that will move with you, for a month, a year or longer, from its global network of designer, furnished apartments.

Curated and managed by the Blueground team, their apartments provide the modern renter with a launchpad to live globally, work remotely, and experience new adventures.

Find a desk space: Deskpass

Deskpass provides affordable, flexible access to thousands of co-working spaces and conference rooms for individuals and teams across the globe, with an easy, pay-as-you-go model.

Perfect for the Digital Nomad who may need a few days a week in a professional office-based environment (as well as days working from the beach!).