The Dark Web Report – is your data being sold for just £10?

A new report from VPNOverview has taken a deep dive into the dark web to see just how much hackers are selling your identity for, detailing costings of bank details, social media accounts, passwords and more…

The true cost of your identification

  • Social media account – £10.65
  • Personal Information* – £33 – £164
  • Bank Details – £41 – £164
  • UK Passport – £615
*Personal Information includes Name, Address, Phone Number, Credit History
It’s not just individuals data that is being sold, on the dark web, hackers are selling personal data from over tens of millions of accounts from data breaches such as MyFitnessPal and Armor Games.
  • MyHeritage, £2,912 – 65,700,000 accounts
  • MyFitnessPal, £3,458 – 50,000,000 accounts
  • YouNow, £2,912 – 40,000,000 accounts
  • Dubsmash, £4,095 – 15,500,000 accounts
  • Armor Games, £819 – 7,800,000 accounts
David Jansen is the Cyber Security Analyst at VPNOverview. He commented::
“We conducted this research into the dark web to raise awareness of the dangers of identity theft and to help educate the public on the serious risks surrounding your digital security and online identity.

Our findings show that thieves and hackers could easily gain access to your most important accounts and spill your information on the dark web, where it is sold for next-to-nothing and used for all sorts of malicious purposes. The large scale availability of stolen and counterfeit passports, driver’s licenses and online accounts leaves us all vulnerable to identity fraud and cyber crime.”