The EU Commission’s Startup Europe launches new platform and projects for the UK in 2020


Startup Europe, the initiative of the European Commission supporting startups, is kicking off  2020 by launching new projects and a new online platform. 




Startup Europe is designed to connect startups, investors, accelerators, entrepreneurs, corporate networks, universities and the media, at both the European and local level, through an array of networks and initiatives, powered by an advisory group of recognised Tech leaders.  

One such initiative that encompasses the work of the organization, Europe’s next leaders: the Startup and Scaleup Initiative, removes barriers to scaling up in the single market with ecosystem building projects; and develops networking opportunities to enhance the startup ecosystem – by connecting clusters, people, and local ecosystems across Europe.

The initiative also includes activities to help startups finding international outreach. Through the One Stop Shop, startups and ecosystem builders have easy access to all the funding services and other support offered at EU level.

The next logical step in responding to the urgent need for a common knowledge platform for startups, investors and institutions across the European scene has been the launching of a new website

Europe’s startup ecosystem growth has been driven by just a handful of cities. For example, 76% of all capital invested in Europe since 2013 has flowed to just 10 hubs representing just 30% of the talent pool. 

The website aims to speak to more people than ever and facilitate the growth and expansion of new hubs. To further catalyse this process, Startup Europe is also launching seven new European ecosystem builder projects to accompany startups through their growth stages. 

Adam Warren is one of the Tech Leaders from the X-Europe project which will be supporting UK startups, amongst other markets. 




–        Can you tell me a bit about X-Europe and what its aims are?


X-Europe is an ambitious program but executed in a straightforward manner. We have 5 partners- TNW, F6S, Growth Tribe, Techchill, and Design Terminal – who all bring something unique to the table. Using International conferences, global media, huge online tech communities, cutting edge training, and combined decades of acceleration we will help a total of 150 deeptech startups take their business to the next level. Using our extensive networks, we will add an extra level to these services by activating the best actors in European ecosystems, on a grassroots and continent wide level.


–        How is  X-Europe going to get involved with the UK Startup Ecosystem for 2020, what are its plans, hopes and ambitions?


X-Europe will be supporting companies all across Europe -whether they be startups, investors, corporates, or community building organisations. Our main ambition is to create relationships between key stakeholders across ecosystems. By doing so, we can create impact and collaborations that will continue beyond the life of the program and have a sustainable impact on the European Deeptech sector.


–        How will  X-Europe make a difference on both the local and European level for Startups?


X-Europe is taking a network and community driven approach to ecosystem growth. all 5 partners have great communities, and we’ll use these communities to make sure our impact reaches as far and wide as possible. Additionally the flagship conferences of TNW and Techchill, large online communities in F6S, Design Terminal’s networks across Central Europe, and TNW’s global media channels, as well as the strong support networks offered by Startup Europe, will create an impactful program visible across Europe.


–        What does your role within research at the EU level involve?  


TNW as a company has strong Innovation Consultancy and Intelligence departments. Within this, we regularly find cutting edge innovations across the world with a focus on Europe. We strive to stay up to date with trends, share relevant insight and help corporates grow. Our work with governments is particularly salient – with a range of services to help cities and regions measure, improve, and attract companies to their ecosystem.