The Future of the Business Card

Recent study by Covve reveals that the traditional business card may be going out of fashion, especially in a post-pandemic world.


Is the Business Card Dead?


At a time when many are saying that the business card is dead, one innovative, forward-thinking firm is showing that the traditional model simply needs a 21st century update. Covve – the award winning, state-of-the-art relationship management tool – is putting a contemporary spin on an old classic with the launch of a revolutionary paperless, contactless digital business card that’s shaping the future of networking.

A recent study commissioned by the Covve team concludes that the number of people citing paper business cards as their primary method for exchanging details has dropped from 41% pre-COVID to just 16% in the post-pandemic landscape. There is an urgent need for a personalised, contactless, digital business card that meets the evolving needs of today’s networkers.


Digital Business Card

The new Covve digital business card uses NFC technology – the same tech that’s used to facilitate mobile payments and is readily available on most devices – to seamlessly exchange contact details by holding the card’s integrated chip close to a smartphone. The card also features a QR code to enable users to share their information with contacts over video conferencing tools such as Zoom. There’s no need for either sender or recipient to download any special software, with the contact details and brand appearing in a standard browser window which can instantly be saved to contacts with a single tap.

Yiannis Gavrielides, Covve Founder said, “Even though we live in an increasingly connected world, the fact is that we’re drifting further and further apart. At Covve we aim to change that and we believe that the business card still has important role to play. Business cards are often viewed as old and outdated, but the truth is they’re hugely effective at what they set out to achieve. We’ve built our latest product around this tried-and-tested strategy, injecting a modern twist that will enable us to address the biggest concerns of business card use today.”

After more than 12 months of taking additional and extraordinary measures to minimise the spread of disease, the giving and receiving of physical items has fast become a thing of the past. Networkers are searching for safer, more secure ways to build connections without the fuss and without the risk of loss or human error that’s associated with manual typing, and at the same time while maintaining social etiquette.


Environmental Impact

A further challenge that it’s important to address today is the environmental impact of traditional paper business cards. Research shows that more than 100 billion business cards are created globally each year, equating to a potential loss of nearly 6 million trees. Despite this, around 90% of cards are thrown away. The new Covve digital business card is a zero waste solution that can be edited as needed, eliminating the need to re-print cards every time contact details change. With no printing and reprinting costs the result is more than 50% financial saving.

Businesses interested in shifting to digital business cards can use Covve’s website to customise their design and incorporate their own branding. For complete peace of mind and confidence, Covve is 100% GDPR compliant, and built around a foundation of privacy and security.