The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co completes Kickstarter campaign raising over £55,000

For the first time in history, premium quality, brewery Fresh Beer will be available to drink in the comfort of your own homeThe Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co completes Kickstarter campaign raising over £55,000. The revolutionary technology enabling this is better known as the Pinter, and its innovative inventors are the ambitious London startup, The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co.

Through the Pinter you’ll be able to make beer like we make coffee, from ‘pods’ but without the rehydrated nonsense, instead ‘Fresh Presses’ will be turned into beer, using an elegantly designed appliance that you will actually want sat on your kitchen surface.

A world of Fresh Beer is just a fingertip away. Tap a button and just 24 hours later 10 pints worth of letterbox friendly, Pinter Packs will drop through your door. No other beer delivery service can offer this. Add the Fresh Presses water and yeast to your Pinter and 72 hours later 10 pints of quality fresh IPA, lager, stout, fruit cider or whatever else you wish is yours.

Not only does the Pinter create a ‘fresh’ approach to beer drinking but it’s also the most sustainable method to drink beer at home, reducing packaging by 70% (halving the C02 emissions that occur with the production of bottles and cans).

Founders Alex and Ralph and the rest of The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co have just completed a successful Kickstarter campaign raising over £55,000. Everyone in the UK can join the Fresh Beer revolution when the Pinter becomes available in early 2020.