The ‘Happiest’ Country In The World Is Opening Up To Entrepreneurs With A 90 Day Visa

One of Europe’s most innovative capital’s, Helsinki, opens its doors for a new wave of international business


The successful 90 Day Finn programme from Helsinki is back for the third year running, filled with even more ambition and activity than ever before. The scheme gives participants the chance to plunge into one of the world’s most innovative and thriving business ecosystems.


The programme


The programme’s mission is to help participants reach their business goals over the three-month period, all while falling in love with Helsinki’s unique lifestyle. The success of 90 Day Finn speaks for itself, with 20% of alumni still living in the city today. A number that is about to grow as more of the previous 90 Day Finns are in the process of applying for residence permits with support from Helsinki Partners. Perhaps down to Helsinki’s unique culture, which has led to the city being recognised as one of the top places in the world for work-life balance.

In practice, it means you can build a successful career and still have enough time and energy for a flourishing personal life. Picture cold water swimming, saunas, and skiing; all possible in your daily life. 90 Day Finn is the perfect opportunity to understand and embrace the Finnish culture, live life sustainably, and advance as a professional abroad.


When is the application deadline?


Applications for the programme, which offers a 90 Day relocation package to people from across the globe, are open now until the 24th of February. The programme is searching for 15 driven founders, investors and business professionals who are looking for expansion opportunities or a new investment challenge, as well as inspirational change-makers that want to see real change in the immediate future.



“Helsinki is home to some of the most innovative businesses in the world. Freedom for trial and error is part of what makes Helsinki so unique. Importantly, no one is scared of failure, success comes from learning what works and what doesn’t. As part of the programme, participants will be given a vibrant workspace in the city centre and introduced to relevant business networks and hubs.” Said Clarisse Berggårdh, CEO Helsinki Partners.


Helsinki as an entrepreneurial hub
The start-up scene in Helsinki benefits from considerable venture capital investment, totalling €743 million in 2021.

Alongside a thriving entrepreneurial community, there are plenty of exciting opportunities for those looking to level up their lifestyles as well, with an abundance of nature on the doorstep and access to waterfronts and forests in the city itself.

90 Day Finn 2022 Participant, Damon Hernandez, entrepreneur, founder, and investor, explains, “During the programme, I developed such deep friendships with people from all around the world that I may have never crossed paths with. The alumni from past 90 Day Finn programmes really took us under their wing, and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting great entrepreneurs who have helped to accelerate the speed of doing business through introductions and connections.”

Hernandez adds: “I chose to stay on after the 90 Day Finn programme because Finland offers me something other cities didn’t – a genuine work-life balance. My daily routine is completely different. I now have more free time to do things that are totally unrelated to work and there is a real close-knit community feel.”

Ranked among the best in the world for equality, education and societal performance and fifth in the global ranking of world’s safest countries in 2021, as well as providing public healthcare to all permanent residents and subsidised childcare, it’s not only the community and business network that are attractive to newcomers.

Applications for the 90 Day Finn programme 2023 are open now