The Healthcare System Needs a Modern Alternative – Meet Welzo

With waiting lists and frustrating delays in the NHS, new alternatives are rising on the market. Welzo is an ambitious healthcare company aiming to provide a fully integrated end-to-end healthcare solution digitally for all patients in the UK. 

This enterprise is intended to provide its customers with fast, effective, and affordable treatment, directly to their homes. 

Welzo’s approach is threefold. Offer quick testing, offer quality medical treatments, and ensure there is a plethora of information to keep patients up to date on their health concerns.

The Online Healthcare Process

This new model intends to cut down on time taken for patients to receive treatment and ensure the platform is an accessible one-stop shop for medical concerns. 

The comprehensive set of health panels on offer, allows patients to gain a deep insight into their wellbeing. Test results are usually returned to the patient within 2 days and are followed by online consultations with GMC-certified medical professionals who can recommend lifestyle changes or treatments from Welzo’s vast online pharmacy.

The website also has a comprehensive array of information about what is tested, how treatments are effective, as well as general overviews of procedures to ensure that patients know what is occurring throughout the process. The site also includes a library of medical news in their ‘Health Hub’ that publishes relevant medical news and information pieces. 

The Chief Medical Advisor at Welzo, Dr Sameer Nakedar was asked how this model compares to the existing system.

“Welzo has a clearly presented information panel, which is easy to use for patients to navigate through their issues,” he said. “The simplicity of having it all in one area is beneficial.”

Is This the Future of Healthcare?

While the current system is frustrating patients who need fast treatment and testing, a model that can provide near-instant results and speedy treatment will be a favourable alternative. The Welzo site offers testing for a vast range of issues, from Fertility and STIs to Nutrition, Allergies, and specialised Male/Female tests, as well as other chronic and acute condition panels.

“It is reassuring that if a person wants to access blood testing independently, they can do so quickly, safely and responsibly and have convenient access to the tests they want,” Dr Nakedar states. “Furthermore, Welzo’s online consultation tools make medication access safe and streamlined. It provides consistency to all patients wishing for this service and is a huge benefit.”

The digitalisation of healthcare can reduce some of the common problems that occur in the traditional process. Patients can now test themselves from the privacy of their homes and furthermore, have their individualised treatment delivered to their door. Additionally, this method of sample collection is ever evolving, so the future of this industry is sure to continue to provide patients with new and effective healthcare solutions.  

Breaking Down Healthcare Taboos

With Welzo’s ability to provide healthcare remotely, it is a preferred choice for customers looking for treatment for more private health solutions. Welzo offers an extensive Men’s Health section that addresses the taboo surrounding sensitive health topics, such as erectile dysfunction and hair loss. Furthermore, Women’s Health is prioritised, with an extensive selection of products, consultations and literature available on topics such as thrush, contraception, and sexual health tests. A trend has seen patients turning to online healthcare providers to get access to discreet and private treatment for topics they may not want to discuss in person.

With Welzo’s ability to connect healthcare providers, pharmacies and labs to patients across the UK, it has copious amounts of room for growth and should help to modernise a traditional healthcare system for the better. 


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