The most unusual markets in the world of online betting

When we talk about betting online, most people probably think of the usual suspects like football and other sports or they might think of online casinos and all they have to offer. The world of online gambling, however, continues to expand to include a huge variety of different and unusual markets to place bets on; here we take a look at a few of the more novel options.

Celebrity news and talent show results are often available as special categories to bet on. The future winner of Britain’s Got Talent, for example, is a market that often pops up around the time of the show each year. Or, for instance, there is currently a market on what Prince Archie’s first career is going to be: lawyer at 3/1 is currently the favourite. Markets on the winners of Oscars and Emmys are also available and offer the gambler the opportunity to test their knowledge in a completely different realm from the usual sports betting.

On the subject, e-sports are rapidly gaining in popularity and this has been reflected in the number of e-sports betting markets now being offered. This has the potential to bring in whole new types of bettors who may not have had any interest previously in traditional sports but now feel they can use their expertise about the world of e-sports to their advantages. For existing sports fans, meanwhile, the similarity of the markets makes it an easy transition to bet in this burgeoning niche.

It is even possible to bet on other forms of gambling, like the lottery. The player is not betting on the lottery directly but has the option to bet on the outcome of the draw and this can be simply betting on one specific number to be drawn, an option available when you bet on the Irish Lotto with Paddy Power. Anyone with a ‘lucky number’ may be enticed by the idea of only gambling on that specifically and this provides yet another example of the market catering for all and every need.

Political betting is also a rapidly growing market, with vast amounts of money placed on the outcomes of huge political events like the Brexit referendum as well as General Elections and Leadership votes. Discrepancies were apparent in the Brexit referendum, for example, as the betting markets clearly thought that ‘Remain’ would win despite polling showing that a much tighter race was expected. This indicates that people who fancy themselves as political experts can use their knowledge to try to find discrepancies between the odds and the reality of the political landscape. It provides another opportunity to the player to test their skills in a different area which they might not traditionally associate with betting.

Variety is the spice of life and online betting sites certainly seem to live by this maxim as they continue to develop new markets to satisfy the different niches and interests of the crowd. It enables them to bring in an audience who may not necessarily be attracted by the possibilities of traditional sports betting and allow them an avenue more closely aligned with their own interest. Expect unconventional betting markets to continue to grow and grow.