The Software Changing The Face Of The University Admissions Process

StudyLink Connect launches new Recruitment Partner APIs that makes it even easier and faster for agents and recruitment partners to submit and manage quality applications to their education partners.

The software makes it simple for education agents, recruitment partners and education providers worldwide to manage student applications in one easy-to-use platform.


How StudyLink Connect Benefits Education Providers

For education providers, StudyLink Connect provides a transparent, connected dashboard for admissions teams to easily manage a growing number of quality applications from their recruitment partners, receive the structured data their admissions management system requires for faster decision making and move prospective students more effectively through decision, application, offer, acceptance and pre-enrolment stages.

In summary, the platform enables education providers to:

  • Receive and manage complete applications in one easy-to-use platform
  • Make informed decisions based on quality information
  • Make it easy for their agent and recruitment partners to work with them
  • Give their recruitment partners the information they need to work effectively
  • Streamline the application and communication process
  • Save time, speed up turn-around times and increase conversion rates


How Does StudyLink Connect Help Recruitment Partners?

For recruitment partners, it’s the agents’ choice for submitting and managing student applications to many education providers with one centralised login.

A 2021 survey of agent users found:

  • 94% would recommend StudyLink Connect to their institution partners
  • 95% would like all institutions they work with to use StudyLink Connect
  • 80% agree StudyLink Connect is a better way to manage applications compared to other application systems
  • 93% say StudyLink Connect is the best way to submit applications and increase acceptances.

StudyLink Connect’s launch of its Recruitment Partner APIs allows agents and other recruitment partners to integrate their CRMs against the StudyLink Connect platform – streamlining business processes even further!


How The API Integration Benefits All Relevant Parties

2021 research findings, undertaken by Edified Education, found that integration between an agent CRM or recruitment platform and StudyLink Connect’s Partner Portal can:

  • decrease the time taken to process a single application by up to 43%
  • generate up to 77% more applications a year per counsellor; and
  • reduce human errors from rekeying thereby improving application quality.

It all leads to efficiency gains for agents, recruitment partners and education providers so they can spend more time:

  • Counselling, qualification, compliance, and conversion activity to ensure only quality and qualified applicants need to be assessed by an admissions team
  • Managing seasonal and post-Covid surges while maintaining turnaround times and conversion rates
  • Providing better outcomes and experience for the applicant / future student.

StudyLink Connect’s Recruitment Partner APIs integrate with a growing number of agencies and recruitment partners globally. For institutions, this removes the need for and costs associated in building and maintaining a customised Partner Portal, with any associated API options, and makes their agents and other recruitment partners happy at the same time by using a platform they already love and trust.

“It’s a win-win outcome for the international education industry as a whole. This API integration will accelerate admission processing and lead to improved efficiency, security and privacy.” – Elaine Starkey, CEO Global Study Partners