These Are The Best Games To Get Rich On Twitch

New research reveals that League of Legends is the top game if you want to become an influencer on Twitch.

Research conducted by Japan101 shows the games with the best potential for achieving the most viewers possible, and therefore can earn you the most money. With streamers who can attract over 10,000 viewers per stream able to earn up to £30,000 per month, this is an indication of where aspiring streamers might wish to focus their efforts.

  1. 1. League of Legends

The multiplayer online battle arena, League of Legends, takes top spot on the list of games for acquiring Twitch viewership. As the game with the highest peak viewership of the past year, and the second highest average viewership, the potential target audience for League streamers is vast. With the top five League streamers average audiences per stream over the last 30 days nearing a combined 170,000, the game developed by Riot Games, should be a sure favourite for those looking to achieve acclaim on Twitch.


  1. 2. Just Chatting

Just Chatting, a casual, free to play, game developed by Sunshine Overcast and released in 2020 is a surprise inclusion at number two on the list. This 2D simulation is a vastly different gaming experience from the rest of the list, however its popularity on Twitch speaks for itself, and reveals a potential goldmine of viewers for aspirant streamers. Just Chatting gained the highest average viewership of any game in Twitch over the last year as well as the highest watch time by viewers. The games most popular streamer over the last 30 days, ‘TheGregf’ averaged over 100,000 viewers in that time.
3. Dota 2
The third game overall on the list is Dota 2. This Valve Corporation developed game, dating back to 2013, still pulls in a huge amount of viewers to its streamers, of whom there are relatively few compared with those that come above. While League and Just Chatting are broadcast by millions of streamers, Dota 2 is streamed by less than 250’000, suggesting there is more room for new streamers of the game. The top streamer of Dota 2, “Nix”, has seen a peak audience over 100’000 within the last 30 days, indicating the popularity of spectating the second multiplayer online battle arena game on the list.


  1. 4. Overwatch

Overwatch, the futuristic team-based action game, makes fourth on the list for achieving Twitch exposure, even surpassing its sequel game Overwatch 2. Achieving the fourth highest peak viewership over the last year, the 2016 release demonstrates its resistance to obsolescence. This pinnacle peak viewership also makes it the game with the highest peak viewership per streamer, showing its huge popularity with viewers and relative lack of streamers.


  1. 5. Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Global Offensive, the fourth in the tactical first person shooter series, Counter Strike, takes fifth in the top ten. Having seen a peak viewership over 1,600,000 in the last year, the game that sees its 11th birthday this year is still going strong and being watched with an average viewership over 80,000. The top streamer of this game is ‘BLASTPremiere’, who has achieved over 60,000 average viewers per stream in the last 30 days.


  1. 6. World of Warcraft

The cult-classic, World of Warcraft continues to go from strength to strength even as it nears its 20th year. The 2022 release of its ninth expansion pack Dragonflight likely played a part in a resurgence of the game that puts it at sixth in the list. Top streamer of the multiplayer online role playing game, ‘shroud’ has amalgamated over 1,700,000 viewing hours whilst streaming in the last 30 days alone.


  1. 7. Lost Ark

Lost Ark the multiplayer online role playing game makes seventh on the list. A peak viewership in the last year of over 900’000 and watch time near to 3’000’000 hours show the potential of the 2019 Tripod Studio and Smilegate game to continue reeling in viewers.


  1. 8. Escape from Tarkov

Another multiplayer tactical first person shooter, Escape from Tarkov takes eighth. With one of the highest watch times per streamer, also suggested is the room for new streamers of the Battlestate Games developed piece. Top streamer of the game ‘LIRIK’ has averaged just over 20’000 viewers within the last 30 days.


  1. 9. VALORANT

VALORANT, the free to play first person tactical hero shooter by Riot Games, is the penultimate game in the top ten. As one of the more popularly streamed games achieving exceptional exposure is made slightly more difficult, however the most watched streamer of the game, ‘summit1g’ has racked up over 5’000’000 viewer hours in the last 30 days.


  1. 10. Grand Theft Auto: V

GTAV, the action adventure game set in the city of one of its GTA predecessors ‘Los Santos’, remains popular despite almost a decade being surpassed since its release. Its potential to continually entice viewers is shown with top streamer ‘PaulinhoLOKObr’ averaging just short of 100’000 viewers per stream over the last 30 days on the famous Rockstar game.

A spokesperson for Japan101 commented saying: “It’s incredibly interesting to see the array of games that provide the most potential for individuals to achieve exposure through the relatively new phenomenon of game streaming. With the potential earnings for those attracting the most streamers constituting more than good wages it’s no wonder it’s such a popular pastime.”
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