This Platform Is Using AI-Powered Footwear With Sensors to Prevent Injury

Plantiga, a global leader in smart insoles, has launched its Arc5 platform. After four years of development and numerous installations in various sectors, this product offers a fresh take on movement data collection. It’s different from other wearable technology, giving health practitioners and sports teams valuable insights into human movement and performance.

Features of the Arc5


Precise Movement Tracking

The Arc5 measures detailed movement details throughout the day. Thanks to this platform, both health professionals and sports teams can get a comprehensive view of individual movement patterns.

Easy Data Collection

Arc5 uses advanced machine learning and AI models to detect different movements like walking, running, and jumping. This means data collection is smooth, and there’s no need for manual input.

In-depth Analysis

Once data gets uploaded, Arc5 provides detailed insights, extracting various features of an individual’s gait.

Reaching Global Markets

Plantiga plans to increase its sales efforts outside North America. Europe, Australia, Latin America, and the Middle East can soon experience this innovative technology.

Appointing Expertise

Dr. Selene Parekh, a renowned sports medicine foot and ankle surgeon, now serves as Plantiga’s Chief Medical Officer. She believes that Plantiga brings tech closer to the people, ensuring better health outcomes for various injuries and conditions.

The Story Behind Plantiga Technologies

Based in Vancouver, Plantiga Technologies offers an AI-powered sensor pod to analyse movement patterns. They have recently launched their fifth-generation product, the Arc5, this year. Though they’ve had limited exposure, their technological advancements show a lot of promise.

The Founders and Their Vision

Quin Sandler and his late father, Norman McKay, started Plantiga in 2017. They wanted to change how people monitor health and movement. The company’s AI, named Norman after Quin’s father, stands as a testament to Norman’s vision of embedding a gait lab in footwear.


Arc5’s Capabilities

The Arc5 sensor can collect data for up to 12 hours, offering valuable movement insights. This sensor can predict rehab outcomes, injury risks, disease progression, and more.

Plantiga’s Growth

With around 90 clients from various fields, Plantiga has made a significant mark in the industry. Their plans include reaching out to more consumers and capitalising on the growing sports and wearable tech markets. They’re also collaborating with major footwear brands and have secured investments from reputable organisations. With a new funding round approaching, Plantiga aims to grow its team and continue its growth.

A Decade of Innovation

For over 10 years, Plantiga has focused on human analytics using smart technology. They’ve worked closely with leading sports brands and athletes. Their goal is to offer a better, accessible solution for a healthier lifestyle through their sensor insoles. Recently, they received funding to develop new products and expand their business.

Plantiga’s Member-Exclusive App

Plantiga offers a member-exclusive app linked to its sensor insole. This app records data from the pods in the insole. The Base Station, a Wi-Fi device, uploads this data to the cloud when the insoles are placed on a charging pad.

Users can also schedule sessions with professional movement coaches through the app. These coaches help users set and achieve their health goals.

VentureDive’s Collaboration & Plantiga’s Goals

Plantiga worked with VentureDive to create its membership platform. This collaboration resulted in mobile apps and an improved user experience. From receiving the products to continuous fitness coaching, users get a seamless experience.

Having achieved much over the past decade, Plantiga wants to extend its services to more people, ensuring everyone can benefit from their innovations.