Hutch Renovation – The Start-Up On a Mission to Reinvent Home Renovations for Good

  • The construction start-up Hutch Renovation is founded by Vincent Amoah former Technology & Strategy Management Consultant.
  • Hutch is offering an all-inclusive renovation experience from kitchens to extensions and loft conversions.


While home renovations are exciting, they’re also a daunting process, and said to be one of the most stressful life events. The lack of regulation, has plagued the sector with rouge builders (cowboys), a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Due to poor design and planning many homeowners experience cost overruns and major project delays. Hutch Renovation, an all-inclusive renovation platform launching soon, wants to change that by leveraging cutting edge technology to make the entire experience seamless and more transparent. Customers can purchase renovation packages that include design, materials and fixtures, permissions, and labour at a guaranteed cost. The minimum project value will start from £15,000 and projects can begin as early as two weeks from instruction.

Founded by Vincent Amoah, an ex- IT & Strategy management consultant, Hutch Renovation applies the direct-to-consumer brand playbook to the world of home renovations. That means streamlining the customer experience, simplifying choices, and improving price transparency. 

“It’s a £26 billion-pound market for home renovations, yet most people are turning to two guys with a van they found on an unregulated online marketplace or to a neighbour who gave them the number of a guy they know,” Vincent tells TechRound. “People deserve a modern way of going about a home renovation.”

A home renovation process usually involves hiring an architect or designer, sourcing materials and finishes, then vetting and hiring a Builder. The builder then hires his own plumbers, tilers and painters to do the job. Throughout this whole process the homeowner is project managing and handling things like missing parts or incompatible fixtures.

Procurement of services, design alterations, construction mistakes and materials are the most common sources of delays and cost overruns in renovations and Vincent sought to alleviate those pain points by offering an all-inclusive, design-led and technology driven solution. Hutch is launching with a full suite of renovation offerings—including; extensions, loft conversions, kitchens & bathrooms, interior and exterior refurbishments. Offering its service to residents in the South London area to begin, with ambitious plans of having UK coverage within a few years. 

To get a cost estimate, customers can book a home visit in a few seconds. A hutch-certified local build partner will visit the homeowner’s property as early as the next day to discuss the project. Hutch will provide to customer with a proposal including a quote for the works. Upon acceptance, Hutch will assign a dedicated project manager who will see the renovation through design, planning, materials and construction. 

“Our Local Build Partners, Architects and Designers work closely together as a team versus the more traditional calibration where architecture and design is in conflict with feasible construction,” Vincent says.

Hutch is “taking all the uncertainty and variables out of home renovation and democratising access to high-end design.” 

Once a design is finalised, Hutch will apply for the necessary permissions and adhere to build regulations, which are only needed about 50 percent of the time since the local authorities have continuously increased the scope of works that can be completed under permitted development rights. The Project Manager will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the site and will ensure all contractors and sub-contractors are fully insured and have met the benchmark for quality as set by Hutch.

Hutch is trying to improve the business of residential construction as much as it’s trying to improve customer experience—it’s aims to assist independent builders to build successful businesses under the Hutch brand. Hutch is actively searching for more builders to join its platform – where they can benefit from consistent business, the tools, technology and full-service support they require – whilst they focus on doing what they do best – delivering quality projects

“The fact that there’s a company that will give [a contractor] a customer that’s ready to go, a design that’s ready to go, and the materials are all here? That makes their job much easier,” Vincent says. “The general contracting world hasn’t been modernized—it’s working how it was a century ago.”

So will Hutch change home renovations? Can you purchase a renovation just like you would sheets, mattresses, and apparel?

Eventually, Hutch wants to expand to different areas of London and the UK with the long-term view of having a global presence. The company is betting that its level of service, the quality of product its offering, and turning a “fragmented, inefficient and broken model” into something more straightforward and transparent will upend the industry.

“Across numerous industries, disruption has transformed customer expectations and home improvements will be the same. We want to be the first to do it” Vincent says.