Tinder Not Doing It for You Anymore? These Are the Weirdest Dating Apps We’ve Seen on the Market

When Match Group, the powerhouse behind Tinder and OkCupid, went public last November, it became evident that the dating app industry was a thriving billion-dollar arena, with Match Group’s market cap soaring to a staggering $3.3 billion.

While we’re all familiar with popular dating apps like Bumble, Tinder, OkCupid, and Hinge, it’s time to explore the uncharted territories of the dating world, where the weird and wonderful reign supreme.

Move over Tinder, Hinge and OkCupid, because there’s a whole new world of niche apps catering to the quirkiest of daters. From bacon lovers to sci-fi enthusiasts, these apps prove that there’s a platform for everyone’s romantic needs.


Bristlr: For the Bearded Ones and Their Admirers


Bristlr - Wikipedia


Do you sport a beard? Fancy someone with facial hair? Look no further than Bristlr, a platform uniting bearded gentlemen and their aficionados.

What began as a light-hearted joke has transformed into a serious venture, boasting 100,000 registered users. Founder John Kershaw attests that Bristlr’s success is largely owed to word-of-mouth referrals, proving that facial hair has its fandom.


Farmers Only: Love Blooms in the Countryside


FarmersOnly Dating - Apps on Google Play


City folks just don’t get it, according to Farmers Only, the go-to dating site for those who cherish the country life. Connecting livestock owners, farmers, and ranch hands, this platform has facilitated over 100 marriages, as per its website testimonials. Rural romance, it seems, is thriving in the digital age.


3nder: Tinder for Threesomes


Thrinder or Three-Ender: why Tinder's upset about how you say 3nder | Online dating | The Guardian


For the adventurous souls seeking unconventional connections, 3nder offers an open-minded space for individuals and couples interested in threesomes. Pronounced “thrinder,” this Facebook-authenticated app provides a diverse array of options for gender identity and sexual orientation, emphasizing inclusivity and exploration.


Sizzl: Where Bacon Enthusiasts Meet


Oscar Mayer Releases Sizzl, a Dating App Exclusively for Bacon Lovers – FAB  News


Imagine finding your soulmate based on your love for crispy bacon. Sizzl, a playful creation by Oscar-Mayer, takes a unique approach to matchmaking by focusing on one’s preference for pork or turkey bacon, and the desired level of crispiness. It’s a sizzling romance for bacon lovers.


Gluten-Free Singles: Where Love Is Gluten-Free


10 Dating Sites and Apps for Food and Drink Lovers | First We Feast


Gluten-Free Singles isn’t just about finding a romantic partner; it’s a community for gluten-free individuals seeking companionship and understanding. Embracing Celiac’s disease, this platform offers a space where like-minded people can connect on a deeper level, fostering friendships and romantic relationships.


Tindog: Where Dogs Play Matchmaker


Introducing Tindog, the New Social App for Dog Lovers


Man’s best friend takes centre stage in Tindog, an app designed for dog lovers to connect based on their furry companions. While the concept might seem unusual at first glance, Tindog caters to dog breeders, enthusiasts, and anyone seeking canine camaraderie.


Wingman: Love at High Altitudes


Wingman Dating App - Better dates landed by friends


Wingman is Tinder’s high-altitude counterpart, designed for jet-setters seeking connections during their travels. By matching travelers on the same flight, Wingman facilitates conversations and potential romances, making long flights a little less lonely.


Luxy: Dating for the Elite


Dating App Luxy mentally empowers Single Moms that it's okay to go dating -- Luxy Inc. | PRLog


For the 1% seeking companionship, Luxy is the epitome of exclusive dating. Dubbed “Tinder, minus the poor people,” Luxy allows users to bond over their favorite high-end brands like Prada and Gucci, ensuring that luxury is a common language in their relationships.


SaladMatch: Where Healthy Eaters Unite


Salad Lovers Seek Lunch, Love at Just Salad and Salad Match.com


Maximise your lunch breaks by finding a salad-loving partner through SaladMatch, a Tinder-like app connecting health-conscious singles based on their salad preferences and favorite lunch spots. Just Salad’s brainchild, this app transforms quick lunch encounters into potential love stories.


Trek Dating: Love in the Stars



For Star Trek enthusiasts seeking like-minded companions, Trek Dating offers a haven where sci-fi lovers can connect, whether for friendships or romantic relationships. This platform celebrates shared interests, making it easier for Trekkies to find their intergalactic soulmates.

In the ever-expanding world of dating apps, these peculiar platforms prove that love knows no bounds, catering to every niche, hobby, and interest imaginable. So, whether you’re passionate about bacon, dogs, or interstellar adventures, rest assured, there’s an app out there just waiting to connect you with your perfect match.