The Time is Now: Why Now is the Best Time for a Science or Tech Apprenticeship?

There is no better time to be a science and tech apprentice.  Over the past two years, thousands of health and science apprentices have been tackling the big issues of the day, like developing vaccines and solving climate change through science and technology. But while demand has never been higher – particularly as the Government wants the UK to be a science and tech superpower – why is now the right time to choose an apprenticeship?

Tiro, a leading recruitment and training provider for science and technology apprenticeships, connects apprentices with employers, and helps school leavers, young people and their parents understand the benefits of taking the apprenticeship route.

Tiro’s CEO Charlotte Blant has provided three reasons why you should seriously consider a science or tech apprenticeship.


1. You’ll be in demand


Science apprenticeships are on the rise, which is good news for young people or school leavers wanting to move into the industry.

The needs of business and industry decide and dictate what apprenticeships are on offer and there has been an increase* of 37% and 130% in the laboratory technician and laboratory scientist apprenticeship respectively.  In these roles you can help carry out tests, research and investigations alongside leading scientists.

Despite restrictions coming to an end, there is still a need for trained lab technicians to deal with testing, and this demand isn’t likely to go away even post Covid. But the good news doesn’t end here.  There’s growing demand for all types of science and tech apprentices covering everything from cloud technology to app development, and if you’re interested in science and tech you’ll always be able to find employment and have plenty of career-options.



2. You can earn while you learn


As an apprentice, not only is the academic training paid for by employers, but apprentices also earn while they learn.

You’ll receive a salary from day one and can receive pay increases as you improve and master your skills.  An apprenticeship can be a direct path to high-paying and in-demand jobs in growing industries.  And so for many young people and their families who face the crippling worry about the financial burden of university, apprenticeship is a worthwhile option that can set you up in your chosen career without the student debt.


3. You’ll have the future skills needed in your career


Unlike other traditional learning routes, apprenticeships need businesses and learning providers to work together.  Essentially, employers tell learning providers and students exactly what they need their future workforce to know and be able to do, and in turn, training is developed based on national industry standards and customised to meet the employer’s needs.

As an apprentice, you’ll work for an employer while pursuing a nationally recognised learning programme, which combines academic, practical, and technical training.  You’ll spend most of your working time learning the ropes in a hands-on role, with the help of colleagues and mentors.  You will also spend a fifth of your time focused on the formal learning elements. By the end of the programme, you’ll have developed the knowledge, skills and behaviours you’ll need in your chosen field. It’s also worth knowing that apprentices have access to the most up-to-date tools, technology and knowledge  –  and will have the skills needed by their future employers – meaning your skills are future-proofed.

You’ll also increase your chances of employability, at a time when tech jobs are so competitive, businesses are looking for candidates who are “work ready” and taking on practical on the job learning can be a first step on the ladder of a promising career, and differentiate you from other candidates.