Top 10 Apps for a Tech-Savvy Christmas Day

Christmas may be a traditional holiday, but it’s moving on with the times. These days, no one is expected to prepare the meals, get present ideas, organise the entertainment and create the perfect festive atmosphere without a little help!

These apps can help you in the run-up to the festive season, the big day itself and the aftermath to make sure this Christmas is the best (and most stress-free) one yet.


1. Santa Tracker



Ever wanted to track Santa Clause on his route around the world? This free Santa Tracker is a great addition to any Christmas Eve. Kids can easily use it to countdown Santa’s arrival and track him from the North Pole all the way to their rooftop. You can even see what Santa Clause is up to, whether he’s checking the reindeer farm or shopping for gifts, in the days leading up to his long-awaited arrival.


2. Heads Up!



The Heads Up! app is an entertaining party game for any occasion, and Christmas happens to be the perfect occasion to introduce a guessing game that everyone can enjoy.

From mimicking your favourite celebrities to singing to doing silly accents, this game ensures a family-friendly activity that everyone can partake in during this Christmas celebration.


3. The Weather Channel



It’s the big question we ask every year: Will we have snow this Christmas? But, failing a white Christmas, you may still want to know if you’ll have a rainy or sunny Christmas. For this, you’ll need a reliable weather app. With so much on over the festive season, this will help you to effectively plan out the perfect festive day, particularly if you have intentions of enjoying a Christmas day stroll.


4. Kitchen Stories



Everyone loves Christmas food, but cooking it can be quite a demanding endeavour. This is where a cooking app comes to the rescue during the festive season.

Enter Kitchen Stories, where you can explore an extensive collection of over 10,000 Christmas recipes. Tailor your search by selecting cooking difficulty, preparation time, and desired servings to ensure a perfect fit for your festive feast.

Not only can this app help you learn how to cook up a storm but users can even create their own digital cookbook, allowing you to curate your ideal Christmas culinary experience.


5. My Gift List


GiftList is the best gift planner and wishlist app for all web, iOS & Android users.


For those eyeing a special Christmas gift, My Gift List provides an ideal solution. This app allows you to suggest gift ideas to your friends and family and (not so) sneakily hint and what you’d like to find under the tree.

Particularly if you have a reputation for being difficult to buy for, or if you’re not sure what to get your friends and family, encourage everyone to make use of this practical app.



6. Etsy



Struggling to find the perfect gift for a loved one this year? Instead of hitting the high-street shops, why not get them something unique? Whether you’re looking for a vintage, handmade or even custom piece, Etsy has it all. From jewellery to clothing to home decorations, you’re sure to discover the perfect present amidst the myriad of options.


7. Go Jauntly



Who wouldn’t enjoy a Christmas or Boxing Day stroll? And for those post-festive weeks when you need to walk off those indulgent mince pies, consider giving Go Jauntly a try.

This award-winning app provides walking guides and diverse trails, catering to both city strolls and nature wanderings. Whether you’re seeking unique walks for the Christmas season or any time throughout the year, this free app ensures you discover unique paths to explore.


8. Kahoot!



Elevate your Christmas gathering with a festive quiz for those who relish a bit of competition. This free app lets you create your own personalised quizzes, allowing everyone to play via a unique code, adding a touch of enjoyable competition to your holiday celebration.


9. Elfster



If you’re planning to go Secret Santa with friends, family, or colleagues, download Elfster to enhance your gift-giving game. This app simplifies the process, allowing you to invite participants, draw names, and even create gift wishlists. That way, you won’t be left wondering what to get the person you’ve picked, making the entire process much more stress-free and enjoyable.


10. Zoom



For many individuals unable to be with their loved ones during Christmas, Zoom comes to the rescue. Especially in a post-Covid world, most are acquainted with this app.

Zoom allows you to chat face-to-face with those who may be miles away, ensuring you can still share the festive season with your distant friends and families.