Top 10 Benefits of Flying Private

Flying privately undoubtedly comes with its perks. Everyone knows this, typically because the fact is evidenced by its substantial price tag.

The idea of private aviation probably conjures up images of sipping champagne on board, bypassing the chaos of commercial airports, and revelling in the lap of luxury and style.

Of course, there are elements of truth in these stereotypes but, beyond these familiar points, there are several more benefits of flying private to be had. Let’s explore the myriad of additional benefits

Flying Private Versus Commerical

First things first, let’s begin by clarifying what “flying private” and the private aviation industry entail.

While private aircraft can be purchased outright, they are more commonly accessed through booking a seat or, if you want exclusive use, chartering, or renting, the entire aircraft.

Opting to fly privately means ditching commercial airlines, where multiple passengers share scheduled routes and times. Instead, you enjoy the exclusivity of smaller aircraft, offering limited seating for a more private experience, greater comfort, personalised service, enhanced amenities, and greater flexibility to tailor your travel experience.

Why Do People Fly Private?

Flying private might initially appear as an indulgent expense, yet there are several practical reasons why individuals opt for this mode of travel.

Whether it’s a one-off treat or you’re a long-time private flying fan, flying private offers advantages such as being able to travel in a large group for an exclusive and unique flying experience. It can also be appealing to those who travel frequently for work and need to maintain productivity during travel.

People may also opt to fly private if they’re flying somewhere that is not serviced by regular airlines or airports.

In the changing private aviation landscape, which is evolving every day to become more accessible and environmentally friendly, customers who may have previously been off-put by the industry’s bad reputation may also be moving towards the route of flying private.

This shift is evident in the surge reported by Simply Flying, indicating a roughly one-fifth increase in private jet usage since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Clearly, the trend toward private aircraft usage is on the rise worldwide.


Top 10 Benefits of Flying Private


1. Privacy and Comfort

Of course, the obvious benefit is that flying private offers greater privacy and comfort compared to commercial flights. Say goodbye to crowded airport chaos, long security lines, and the discomfort of being in a crowded cabin.

2. Business Needs

If you travel frequently for business, private aviation may be the answer to your travel woes.

Not only can the privacy of these aircraft allow for work productivity and meetings to take place on the flight, but passengers can reach multiple destinations in a short amount of time. This makes this mode of transport ideal for anyone who needs to fly often with a hectic work schedule.

3. Flexibility

While commercial airlines are required to fly on scheduled routes from specific airports, private aviation is not restricted by such regulations.

These aircraft can be tailored to your travel needs and can access smaller, less accessible airports that commercial planes cannot get to.

Passengers can also choose departure times that suit their needs and can often change plans with relatively short notice.

4. Luggage

Ever get nightmares of airlines losing your luggage and turning up at your destination empty-handed? Or perhaps you’re just tired of the monumental luggage fees. Flying private helps you bypass these unfortunate events. There are no baggage fees on airlines and almost no risk of your luggage getting lost or damaged, making it perfect for all the luggage-anxious travellers out there.

5. Private Terminal

Say goodbye to getting to the airport 3 hours early and moving through utter airport chaos. By flying private, you can arrive mere minutes before you’re due to take off and can go through a private terminal – quick, efficient, and much more stress-free.

6. Speed and Efficiency

Besides a much faster boarding process, private aircraft often fly at a much higher altitude than commercial airlines, meaning they bypass a lot of air traffic. So, flights are often far quicker and more efficient than travelling via commercial airline.

7. Group Travel

Perhaps it’s someone’s birthday, or you’re going on a business trip, or perhaps you just want to travel with your family. Either way, private flights are often more cost-effective for groups travelling together as chartering a private jet allows groups to travel together and share the cost of the flight. It can also provide a unique and entertaining flight experience for passengers.

8. Security Concerns

For those concerned over their security, private aircraft have been a long-standing solution.

Private terminals and flights offer greater control over who has access to the aircraft and reduce the risk of unwanted attention or security threats.

9. Avoid Layovers

Layovers can be a real headache, especially if they’re so short you need to run for your next plane or so long you end up getting bored in the airport.

Although private aircraft still need to stop for fuel, slightly larger and newer-model private aircraft need to do this less frequently and, even if there is a layover, you can relax in a private lounge and not have the stress of an inconvenient connecting flight.

10. Added Amenities

Notably, some added amenities include the delicious catering you may be served on board, the staff that can cater to your every need, and even the possibility of a concierge to make your flying experience


Is It Worth Flying Private?

So, is it worth flying private?

Ultimately, the answer to this question is how much the aforementioned benefits appeal to you, and how much you’re willing to pay for them.

Luckily, flying private has become far more accessible in recent years, and several startups in the space are actively working to democratise and lessen the price of private aircraft.

As such, it is now possible to fly privately on aircraft that are more environmentally friendly, accessible, easy to book, and cheaper.

Check out TechRound to explore how startups are changing the space of private aviation.