Top 10 Business Mentoring Programmes for Startups

What most business owners and startup founders do not know is that they do not need to run their business alone.

Even the greatest entrepreneurs have coaches, mentors and tools that help them stand on top of their businesses. There are many different options and mentoring methods, that can cater to each individual’s needs, and some even provide funding. Here’s a look at 10 business mentoring tools:


The Santander Breakthrough Women Business Leaders’ Mentoring Programme



This programme, part of Santander’s commitment to the Government’s Investing in Women Code, is designed for ambitious female founders and business owners.

It includes matching mentees with experienced mentors, regular meetings to set and achieve business objectives, and access to a network of female founders.

The programme runs from March to November each year, and applicants must be female founders, owners, or majority shareholders of a UK-registered company trading for at least 18 months​​.





A versatile mentorship platform launched in 2018, MentorCruise connects mentors and mentees in tech, business, career, and design. It offers a robust support system, fostering mentor-mentee relationships through collaboration.

The platform is user-friendly, available on various operating systems, and offers features like unlimited messaging and video calls.

It targets individuals and teams, providing access to a wide range of mentors, although the mentorship rates might be higher due to the professional status of the mentors

Just Entrepreneurs Mentoring Programme



Designed for UK-based early-stage startups, Just Entrepreneurs’ Mentoring Programme focuses on empowering founders with the tools and guidance they need for success.

Though entries are currently closed, it offers personalised support to navigate the startup space. The programme, targeting innovative and eager-to-learn founders, provides mentorship across various sectors like Food and Drinks, Clean Energy, and Public Relations.

It promises to equip participants with essential skills, knowledge, and networking opportunities to grow their businesses effectively.


Wave AI Coaching Programme



Wave AI introduces a revolutionary approach to coaching, aiming to make high-quality professional development accessible to everyone.

The programme is built around the belief that every working individual can benefit from expert coaching, just like athletes and artists. Using an innovative app, Wave AI offers a new standard in coaching, combining quality and personalisation.

It is more than an application; it’s a movement towards a thoughtfully improved professional world, intending to benefit all stakeholders in the coaching and professional development industry.


Entrepreneur First



Unlike traditional accelerator programs that focus on business ideas, Entrepreneur First looks for talented individuals and helps them find a business idea and team.

Their programme has successfully helped participants team up to build startups, achieving significant collective valuations.

It is especially suited for aspiring tech entrepreneurs without a fixed business idea but with a lot of potentials​​.


PushFar Mentoring Software



PushFar offers a pioneering mentoring software ideal for organisations of all sizes. From SMEs to multinational corporations, the platform facilitates the setup, launch, and scaling of global mentoring programmes.

PushFar stands out for its easy setup, comprehensive mentor management, and reporting tools. The platform also offers career progression tools beyond mentoring, ensuring an engaging and effective experience.

With an approach combining top-tier software with resources and live training, PushFar ensures a seamless mentoring journey, further supported by dedicated account management and customer support.


Digital Boost Mentoring Programme



Digital Boost connects early-stage founders with volunteer experts for free 1:1 or small-group business mentoring. This programme offers tailored support in strategy, marketing, digital, finance, and more, making the challenging journey of business ownership less lonely.

Its services include unlimited mentoring, access to knowledgeable volunteers, and various resources, all without any charge. Digital Boost’s commitment to small business success is underpinned by its charity ownership and corporate partnerships.

This unique approach provides personalised, flexible, and truly free support for small business founders.


Wenta Business Mentorship Programme



Wenta is a not-for-profit enterprise dedicated to supporting business success. Established in 1983, it has aided over 77,239 entrepreneurs, from diverse sectors, in starting, maintaining, and growing their businesses.

In 2021-2022 alone, Wenta helped launch 474 businesses, delivered thousands of advice sessions, and provided extensive skills training.

Wenta offers a range of services including coaching, mentoring, and business skill development, focusing on simplifying business information and fostering confidence.

With a national reach and experience in delivering contracts for various organisations, Wenta is committed to supporting the journey to business success and Net Zero.


The Big Small Business Initiative (BSBI)



This non-profit partnership offers small businesses in the UK access to a variety of resources and support. Membership grants access to free business seminars, advice days, consultations, and assistance with accounting and other business topics.

It is particularly beneficial for small businesses seeking diverse and extensive support from various official sources like HM Customs & Excise and the Inland Revenue​.


Worcestershire County Council Business Mentorship Programme



is The Worcestershire County Council offers a fully funded business mentorship programme, designed to empower local business owners with personalized guidance and support.

Participants are matched with experienced volunteer mentors based on their specific business sector, needs, and personal traits.

The programme aids in various stages of business development, enabling owners to gain new perspectives, develop skills, expand networks, and advance their careers.

While currently fully subscribed, the scheme has been instrumental in assisting businesses in Worcestershire, regardless of their stage – be it startup or growth.