Top 10 Tech Resolutions for the New Year

With the dawn of the New Year comes the usual crafting of a list of resolutions. The familiar goals will likely make an appearance, including: “Begin going to the gym more”, “Start eating healthier”, or “Explore a new hobby”. But this year, why not infuse some tech resolutions into the list?

After all, most of us would in all likelihood admit to spending far too much time scrolling through our phones or sitting glued to our laptops. This time around, consider introducing some tech-centric resolutions to your list. Challenge yourself to redefine your online experience in 2024.


1. Switch Off Notifications

Staying in the loop with messages, emails, social media mentions, and so on is doubtless important. But to be reminded of this constantly? Constant prompts can make it challenging to disconnect, something that may end up taking a toll on your mental well-being.

While it’s crucial to stay notified about urgent matters like work emails, perhaps it’s worth considering turning off non-essential notifications. This simple adjustment can help you break free from your phone, allowing you to stay focused on the ‘real’ world and promote a healthier balance.


2. Turn on Screen Time

Beyond disabling notifications, another effective method to reduce screen time is to activate screen time tracking apps. This approach may offer some valuable insight – observing excessive online hours may prompt you to reflect on how to make positive changes.

Several phone providers, such as Apple and Samsung, come with screen time trackers built in. But other apps such as SelfControl and Digital Wellbeing can provide an effective incentive for you to not stare at your screen and regain a healthier balance in your digital life.


3. Cancel Subscriptions

The season around Christmas and New Year’s is always expensive. As such, January is an opportune moment to trim necessary expenses.

Begin by making a list of any subscriptions you currently hold. To do this, dig through emails and bank statements to ensure a thorough inventory and cancel any that aren’t necessary.


4. Switch to Night Shift Mode

Staring at screens all day is never a good idea, yet in today’s digital era, it’s often inevitable. If you’re experiencing headaches, dry eyes, or disrupted sleep after device use, a straightforward remedy may be at hand.

Explore the benefits of turning your device screens to night shift mode and investing in night shift glasses to safeguard your eyesight. This can be a simple switch and a readily available solution at an affordable price, offering a small but valuable investment for long-term eye health.


5. Rethink Your Contract

Whether you’ve stuck with the same phone contract for years or hastily selected your current one without thorough research, it might not be the most suitable choice for you.

Particularly if your holiday spending has left a dent in your budget, it’s worth exploring more budget-friendly alternatives that still provide ample storage and data options. Don’t hesitate to consider a switch if it aligns better with your needs.



6. Clear Your Storage

Constantly getting notifications cropping up about your storage being full? It’s high time to declutter your devices. Beyond the mere inconvenience, full storage poses potential harm to your data.

A full memory can make it harder to protect your data if your computer crashes, and you may end up with corrupted or lost data with the device automatically removing items like photos and videos to make room.


7. Utilise Health and Fitness Apps

It’s the classic New Year’s resolution: Get fit. Be healthy. But while these are certainly worthwhile, they can prove challenging to accomplish.

Fortunately, technology can step in to make this task a lot more manageable. Explore the health and fitness applications integrated into various devices, and consider delving into additional downloadable apps specifically designed to assist you in achieving your fitness and wellness goals for 2024.


8. Clean Your Devices  

Ever heard that oh-so-unpleasant fact: “Your phone is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat?”

While this may not always be the case, studies have shown that 92% of phones play host to a worrying range of bacteria of which 16% contain E.coli, according to Initial.

Considering these findings, it’s certainly prudent to dedicate time to routinely clean all your devices as we enter the New Year, contributing to the maintenance of your health.


9. Get a Case and Screen Protector

A broken screen is the last way anybody would like to begin the New Year. To preempt such mishaps, consider prioritising the purchase of laptop cases, phone screen protectors, headphone bags, and the like. These can ensure the safety and security of your gadgets, shielding them from any unfortunate catastrophes.


10. Back Up!

Get in the habit of backing up your data across all of your devices regularly. Especially if you keep any work on your laptop, backing up is essential to avoid the event of losing it. This precautionary measure can safeguard your data from threats such as virus attacks, hardware failures, and, of course, simple human errors.