Top Tips For SMEs Looking For a Lawyer

Why is it so hard for SMEs to find a lawyer? The team at LegalDrop share their top tips on getting it right.


What Concerns Are SMEs Facing?

Finding and choosing a lawyer can be overwhelming, but if you are running a business, there may be times when you will need legal advice, whether for employment matters or disputes, terms and conditions or other legal issues.

LegalDrop is a comparison platform that helps users easily find and match with fully vetted, fixed-fee lawyers. It is an elegant solution that overcomes the concerns that many SMEs face about getting the legal help they need.

LegalDrop found that the top five worries faced by SMEs searching for lawyers are:

  • Confusion about what kind of legal help they need
  • Confusion about how to find and compare the right lawyer
  • Confusion about what engagement looks like and how the process works
  • Concerns around fees and potential additional fees
  • Uncertainty around what recourse they may have against the lawyer if they are unhappy or something goes wrong

Dror Levy, CEO of LegalDrop, says: ‘Until LegalDrop, there were few choices when it came to finding the right lawyer. You could either ask for a recommendation or trawl the internet for a law firm. The process can be overwhelming, confusing, and unnecessarily time-consuming for cash-strapped and time-poor small businesses. Picking the wrong lawyer could do huge damage to your business or, at the very least, not get you the outcome you need and potentially be expensive. What LegalDrop does is bridge the gap between lawyer and client, providing a matchmaking service that guides potential clients to find the right lawyer for their issue”.



Dror Levy from LegalDrop explains how SMEs can improve their business with the help of a lawyer


Personalising Legal Care for SMEs

LegalDrop works by taking users on a discovery journey to define what they need and then presents them with a choice of vetted lawyers based on price, experience in a particular sector and experience with a particular business size.

LegalDrop will help to identify the company’s specific needs and match these to a lawyer who understands their particular problems and can help them within their set budget.

Sometimes users need more detailed advice for more complex situations. LegalDrop is run by non-lawyers who understand the problems and are willing to go the extra mile to help them. The LegalDrop team also works directly with clients to find a lawyer, especially if they have a complex case. There is no charge for this personalised service, and the team will look outside the LegalDrop platform to find the right match to meet the business owners’ needs.