Ubertas Consulting Reveals Three AWS Well-Architected Framework Awards

Ubertas Consulting, which recently received an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Well-Architected Validated Partner status, has revealed the three winners of its first annual awards. Their awards recognise top clients who significantly engaged in and implemented the Amazon Web Services Well-Architected Framework (WAF).

“We reviewed hundreds of evaluations performed in 2023 to identify the three winners of our first WAF awards edition,” said Ubertas Well-Architected Lead Cathryn Cust. “The decision was not easy as many of our clients are genuinely invested in WAF and doing a fantastic job. They understand the immense benefits.”

“These awards are a very important milestone for us, particularly since we have been a founding member of the AWS Well-Architected Partner Program (WAPP) since its launch in 2018,” Cust added.


Winners Announced


The Most Well-Architected Award, which recognises the best implementation of the AWS Well-Architected Framework and showcases excellent practices across the six pillars of security, reliability, performance, cost optimisation, operational excellence, and sustainability, goes to Kinetic +.

“They (Kinetic +) were initially seeking to build the resiliency of their platform while keeping their costs optimised and adhering to security best practices, which is why the WAF was the ideal solution for them,” explained Ubertas Consulting Founder and Managing Partner John Lacey.

Ubertas worked with Kinetic + Founder and CEO Lee Connolly and his team, utilising the programme to tackle the various pillars of the Framework.

“We’re proud to see the growth of their infrastructure and how our Solution Architects have worked to share their AWS knowledge and up-skill their team for their AWS journey,” said Cathryn Cust.

Cust added that Kinetic + has gone beyond simply being cloud-native. “They’ve focused on total excellence in design, implementation, and management, proving they’re committed to long-term success,” she added.

Their founder and CEO, Lee Connolly, explained, “Kinetic + is an innovative and industry-leading software development company specialising in designing and creating bespoke digital platforms for sport and physical activity. Kinetic + is already working with some of the largest local authorities, leisure operators, fitness clubs, and activity providers across the UK and Europe, where our solutions have revolutionised the management, delivery, and insight reporting of participation data across a myriad of sports and physical activity sessions.”

They procured Ubertas to find a solution to the technical and financial challenges they faced when releasing new versions of the Swimphony software to its servers.

“Ubertas reviewed our Swimphony environment and worked with us to implement across-the-board improvements, significantly enhancing our technical efficiencies,” he said. They also helped us reduce spending and increase income revenue, paving the way for our more tremendous long-term business success.”

The Most Cloud-Mature Award


“DeltaXML, whose team could not have demonstrated more engagement,” said Lacey when announcing the Most Cloud-Mature Award. Peter Anderson, DeltaXML’s Senior Systems Administrator, “thoroughly engaged with the whole process from the outset. He was very open to our insights throughout.”

Cust said he showed outstanding interest in “understanding the benefits of each service. He was also profoundly interested in optimising every aspect of DeltaXML’s AWS account, which aligns with best practice recommendations—being able to scale and react to all business needs.”

She explained that DeltaXML, which provides enterprise comparison tools for finding, representing, and processing change within  XML and JSON files based on specified configuration, received the award for their outstanding achievements in designing and building applications for the cloud environment.”

“They embraced cloud-native principles to create scalable, flexible, and efficient products with best practices and innovative approaches in cloud development, showcasing the potential of cloud technology to revolutionise how software is built and delivered,” Cust said.

Peter Anderson explained that his company has assisted thousands of firms worldwide since 2001.

“We help companies manage critical and confidential engineering data, structured internal documents, and complex workflows across several industries, so efficiency and security is of the highest importance,” he said.

“Ubertas first executed a WAF review and helped us enable AWS security, threat, and anomaly detection, and refine AWS configurations across several crucial areas, including cost and technical optimisation,” said Anderson. It has been an incredible, transformational journey that has enhanced our business significantly.”


Most Improved Architecture Award


Chief Mechanic is the recipient of the Most Improved Architecture Award. They received the award because, led by their Managing Director, Neil Skirrow, they underwent the most significant and successful cloud infrastructure transformation.

“All the nominees in this category were brilliant,” said Cust. “Still, Chief Mechanic used the WAF to achieve their migration in the shortest timeframe possible and flawlessly implemented enhanced design, efficiency, and effectiveness of their cloud architecture.”

She added, “That helped them quickly arrive at measurable improvements in key areas like cost optimisation, performance, security, or scalability.”

Neil Skirrow, Chief Mechanic Managing Director, explained that his software and web hosting business delivers solutions for the automotive sector. It also provides hosting and management for third-party dealership businesses through its proprietary dealership management platform, MotorDesk.

“Before Ubertas, we struggled to maintain a stable, high-performing infrastructure, causing frequent disruptions for our customers,” said Skirrow. “Furthermore, we faced challenges explaining the reasons for this unreliability, resulting in a lack of confidence in our capabilities, prompting us to migrate our platform to AWS with the help of Ubertas expertise.”

Skirrow said Ubertas helped them identify the optimal technologies and services to deploy to achieve a modernised architecture.

“We did not hesitate to take advantage of Ubertas Consulting’s three cost-neutral remediation days, the remediation cost being offset by AWS credits, as part of the review to implement the urgent changes needed to optimise our business,” he said.

“We now feel completely in control of our business, and our clients completely trust us to deliver the first-class, reliable, and fully secure services they require,” he concluded.