UBooker: the digital modelling agency transforming the fashion world

Tech is revolutionising the fashion industry, from buying to advertising to production, but modelling has not followed the trend, until now. Models Claudia Wagner and Diana Gaertner have used their experience as models to bring modelling into the 21st century.

Models can wait as long as three months to get paid for a shoot, while their agency and manager receive their commission beforehand and can charge commission of up to 50 per cent of a model’s fee.

By launching Ubooker, a digital modelling agency, co-founders Wanger and Gaertner are aiming to right the wrongs found in the fashion industry, placing power back in the hands of models.

The Soho-based startup allows brands and companies to search the platform and find a model suitable for a campaign or shoot. Ubooker filters models so companies only see appropriate candidates, then clients can send models direct requests. The model accepts the booking, does the job and gets paid all through the platform – it’s that simple.

“Models tend to give power away, we have agents and managers and we let other people deal with stuff,” Wanger explains. “And we thought, why don’t we has models just start something and create a structure with the help of technology to help everyone. To help our colleagues, the other models, to make more money and be paid faster, and for the client it’s more efficient too.”

The platform also helps to safeguard models with a built in SOS button that tracks the models location and can be used to get help. If a model ever feels intimidated or is asked to do something they’re uncomfortable with, they can press the button and the platform handles the issue so models don’t have to.

“The beauty of a project like this is to try and make a technology that works in this environment. It’s not easy, but there is a certain democratisation in the process which we like.”