UK Government: PumpWatch Will Add Fuel Prices To Apps And Sites

The UK government has launched the PumpWatch scheme, which aims to provide real-time fuel price updates via popular apps and websites.

This initiative, backed by Minister for Energy Affordability and Skills Amanda Solloway, is designed to help people who drive by making current fuel prices accessible, enabling them to find the cheapest fuel options.

Solloway said, “We want fuel prices at your fingertips, refreshed within 30 minutes of changing, so everyone can save when filling up their tank.”

The project is also intended to try lessen financial pressures on motorists, following the extension of a 5p fuel duty cut announced in the Spring Budget 2024.

This extension is part of a series of measures that have previously saved the average car driver about £250 over three years.

Through working with major tech firms and automotive services like The AA and RAC, the government intends to bring a sense of transparency in fuel pricing and stimulate market competition.



How Will PumpWatch Impact Drivers And Fuel Markets?


In adding in real-time fuel price data to widely used apps and websites, PumpWatch aims to influence consumer behaviour and the fuel market as a whole.

Jack Cousens, Head of Roads Policy at The AA, believes this transparency will increase competition, as it has in European countries, stating, “The UK is now getting there.” He looks forward to the innovative uses of this data, which can potentially guide drivers to the most affordable fuel options, thereby creating a more competitive market.

Also, according to the government, the initiative is expected to influence driving habits. Research from indicates that 19% of UK drivers have reduced their car usage due to financial strains.

CEO Steve Dukes remarks, “Encouraging fuel retailers to share up-to-date pricing information through the PumpWatch initiative will make a huge difference to drivers trying to manage costs.” This suggests that more informed fuel purchasing could alleviate some of the financial burdens associated with car ownership.


And, What Does The Future Hold For PumpWatch And UK Motorists?


Andrew Watson, Managing Director of, speaks on the sentiment that the PumpWatch legislation, coupled with ongoing fuel duty support, is much needed for UK drivers dealing with rising prices.

How successful the initiative will likely be depends on the continued collaboration between the government, technology firms, and consumer advocacy groups. The ultimate goal is to ensure that all UK drivers, regardless of location, can benefit from access to current fuel prices, leading to potential savings and a more competitive fuel market.

The changes that are soon to come promise to put “hard-earned pounds back in families’ pockets,” as Minister Amanda Solloway mentioned.