Ulysses Refines Its Blog Publishing Features

On August 3, a new version of Ulysses, the popular writing app for Mac, iPad and iPhone, will be released on the App Store. The developers have improved and refined the app’s blog publishing feature and reworked the session history of so-called writing goals.


Publishing-Status Ulysses


Feed a Blog With Ulysses


Writers who own a blog can work in Ulysses’ pleasant, focused writing environment and minimise the time and effort for bringing their text online. With just a few clicks or taps, they can upload them as posts to WordPress, Ghost, Micro.blog and Medium.

The new version further refines the publishing feature. Uploaded posts are now indicated with a paper plane icon, making them easier to spot. In addition, writers can find details about a text’s publishing status in the dashboard sidebar; the status also syncs between the devices. Finally, users now have the option to update previously published Ghost posts from within Ulysses. So far, updating has only been available for WordPress; for Micro.blog, the developers plan to add it in the coming months.


Build a Writing Habit With Ulysses


Writers can use Ulysses to build a writing habit or foster the pursuit of a big writing project. The goal feature allows them to set a daily target, e.g., 500 words, and monitor their progress towards achieving it. The goal’s “session history” is used to review their past performance and find out about their averages and peaks.

The new version brings a revamp of the session history’s calculation.


Götz Fabian, the developer in charge, explains:

“Our original approach had a couple of design flaws. Furthermore, we must take numerous outlying factors into account, e.g., when users sync through iCloud or collect material, which should not count toward their writing target. That’s why a profound rewrite became necessary.”

Pricing and Availability


Ulysses 23 will be available on August 3, 2021. The update is free for existing subscribers.
Ulysses can be downloaded for free from the App Store and the Mac App Store. A subscription is required to unlock the app on all devices, and includes a free trial period.

  • Monthly subscription: $5.99
    Yearly subscription: $49.99
  • Students can use Ulysses at a discounted price of $11.99 per six months. The discount is granted from within the app.


About Ulysses


Ulysses for Mac, iPad, and iPhone is a text editor for writers and winner of the prestigious Apple Design Award. The app meets the highest standards in both design and editing comfort, and covers all aspects of the writing process. Its clean, modern interface allows writers to focus on their work without making any functional compromises. The innovative editor offers a wide range of text editing options.

In Ulysses’ library, all texts are automatically saved, easily found, and — thanks to synchronisation — readily accessible on all connected devices at any time. A built-in grammar and style check helps writers avoid mistakes and improve their results. The vast and flexible export function turns plain text writings into beautiful PDF documents, blog posts and eBooks with only a few clicks (or taps).