Vinehealth Rated Best Global Cancer App

Vinehealth proudly announce that they are officially the highest rated cancer app globally by the world’s leading, independent health and care app evaluation and distribution organisation,  ORCHA: ‘The Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps’. Vinehealth has been awarded an outstanding 93% in the ORCHA review. This score is more than 10% higher than any other cancer app in existence.

ORCHA has an extremely rigorous and regulated approach to reviewing and evaluating healthcare apps. Vinehealth has excelled in this process, providing the highest level of validation that the app is of an outstanding quality. ORCHA’s vision is to, “revolutionise care through the safe integration of digital health solutions into all aspects of health and care services, leading to more patient-centred, effective care.” The review process itself looks at data privacy, clinical assurance and user experience, with Vinehealth’s score of 93% across these three categories representing an exceptional result.

Vinehealth is dedicated to providing a service second-to-none; their patient-centric approach ensures they deliver exceptionally high standards for all users, life science and clinical partners. Vinehealth works extremely hard to ensure the highest compliance with governance and regulatory procedures, and this outcome from ORCHA validates their efforts, as well as signalling to patients, researchers and healthcare providers that they deliver a highly validated, credible and reliable product. This recognition is a reflection of the dedication the Vinehealth team has to changing the paradigms of digital healthcare and supporting the quality of life of those living with cancer.