Voipfone With Over 18 Years Experience in the VoIP Business


Voipfone was founded in 2004 by Lee Rose to develop innovative Internet Telephone Services using the technologies of VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol. Voipfone’s founder and Technical Director, drew on his previous experience with analogue telephone switchboards and audio streaming technologies and built software that allowed conversations to take place over the internet and was therefore free.

He used a new VoIP technology called SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). It soon became clear to him that there was nothing like this available in the market and that many other small businesses would find it useful.

Colin Duffy, Voipfone’s current CEO had worked on the commercial side of telephony and internet technologies with BT for many years and got involved in early 2005 to help turn Lee’s prototype into a business. From that point on it has been many years of hard work by some very talented people to get to where they are today.


About Voipfone

Almost everything has been built from original code: the hosted switchboard services and telephony products they sell, the billing platforms and Package BuilderTM (see later) necessary to derive revenue from them, the back office support and Customer Management Systems, the interfaces between our suppliers and security systems, the website and customer control panels that connect customers in real time to our switching platform and the physical infrastructure that makes up the network platform.

They’re a technology company and develop their services themselves, in-house. This means they can create new and customised services quickly and do many things that most others can’t. They now have a fully scalable, ultra reliable network. A fully featured, virtual PBX with many unique supporting products and services and a purchasing system that allows customers to build their own services to match exactly what they need.

Voipfone is a fully virtual company, all their employees work remotely using our own products and services. This means that they experience exactly what their customers, do and they work hard to develop the products and services that we both need. They believe in providing no nonsense, but sophisticated, services with transparent and honest pricing and a very high level of reliability and support.

The hosted PBX, which is central to Voipfone’s service, is becoming a more common offering but most target the SME or corporate sectors as very few are able to sell profitably to the micro businesses. There are now about 100 companies in the UK offering various flavours of VoIP services and rising. Most re-sell hosted services from larger companies who have invested in proprietary Softswitches.

Their innovations – and differentiators – are their ability to provide reliable, advanced telephone services to tiny businesses – profitably. Voipfone is able to do this because of their very low operating cost structure and by building a network platform that can scale to hundreds of thousands of users simply, reliably and cost effectively.

Core to their product differentiation is the Package Builder™. This is a unique and complex piece of home grown technology that allows customers to build their own service to fit their needs exactly. All of the competitors sell a fixed bundle of services for a fixed price, which is easy to bill but means that, almost without exception, customers will be paying for services that they won’t use.

The Package Builder integrates with a Self Service Virtual PBX so that customers can add and subtract features at will and pay only for what they need. This is a major benefit to a micro business which may only need a single number (£3) but 2 extensions (£1) and may need to add a Call Queue (£2) later. He may also need an IVR – Press 1 for accounts, 2 for sales etc (from £5). And so on. This allows new customers – often start-up businesses – to experiment without commitment, provides a migration path to a professional managed service and allows customers to grow or downsize without penalty, inconvenience or cost.


High-Quality Customer Service

Excellent customer service is vital to them and was recognised by Voipfone winning the Institute of Customer Service, Customer Focus Award, the only telecommunication’s company to ever win this award. VoIP isn’t difficult to use but sometimes you might need help and when you do they are here for you.

Voipfone is a founder member of Comms Council UK – the trade organisation for Internet Telephony in the UK – so that you know that your telephone service is safe with us. In 2013, Voipfone also won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise – the UK’s highest business accolade. Continuing in winning awards over the years including the most recent on in 2021 for Best VoIP Award from ISPA.

They’ve had a lot of success so far, there are another 4 million small businesses and charities that need their services!