Vyntelligence Leading The Change In Security, Safety and Services With AI

Vyntelligence is leading the market with its high standards and technology that it has introduced in security and safety at the worksite with the help of AI. Rajat Khare founder of Boundary Holding, who has recently invested in the technology, feels the same about the need to bring change in the sector.

The organisation was founded on the idea of how AI can make the assessment process at the construction site or production plant even easier.  The challenge faced by the industry is unique and thus needs a very different approach. With Vyntelligence coming up with an idea to solve the problem in the industry is itself an industry-first approach. With technologies like AI, Deep learning, Machine learning, and bringing the 4th Industrial Revolution to the world, Boundary Holding really liked the way Vyntelligence was solving a problem.

VYN Services

We can clearly see from the company’s viewpoint that there is a much-needed change required in the system.  Often employees at multiple places are burdened by the idea of reporting to the manager on the go. May it be related to a query or a report related to the product or service of the company, but with VYN application all these problems can be solved with easy video notes. The idea behind is to make a deskless workforce for better ‘right-first-time’ culture.

VYN Safety

Another field in which the company is performing exceptionally well is Safety at various worksites. There are many incidences of human error which could have been averted by maintaining a few protocols. VYN helps in a paperless process that can be followed on a smartphone very easily, with the guidance of AI, and can be monitored on the go. This enables real-time correction on following a procedure and minimises human errors.

VYN Sales

The seamless integration of VYN into any CRM allows a sales team to monitor its conversation with a customer, thus taking notes is even easier. A lot of time is wasted in maintaining and recording the data in a CRM by a sales representative. It is even tougher to get a detailed insight and pipeline or visibility from it, the AI developed helps in understanding the conversation and making it more meaningful. Saving valuable time during the long sales cycle.

VYN Marketing

With products and services getting wider day by day it is very tough to keep up with the competition. The marketing team is always on its toes when needed accurate customer feedback. VYN video notes enable quick capturing of feedback from video to CRM and the AI also suggests the right questions that are needed to be asked. To keep an eye on the competition direct video can be shot on the application for keeping a record. This enables the field team to work at a better pace.

VYN Platform

Communication is the key to growth in any organisation, and it becomes even more essential when we talk about communication between managers and the field team. Pictures and videos are said to be the most accurate form to share a message, yet we are still relying on text-based communication in our daily lives.  With VYN this gap can be easily eliminated as a go-to application to solve all video-related queries.

As an industry first step Vyntelligence is leading the way by setting the example by using AI in solving a customer query or problem on the go. What happens when a washing machine breaks down, we have to wait for an appointed technician to reach our place. What if the problem could be remotely diagnosed and corrected with the help of just a regular mobile phone? VYN can not only do so but also record the video and share it with the respected team if not able to solve the problem remotely.

With the growing need for AI and less human dependence, we would be definitely working to solve bigger problems in the future. We can even say that the same technology could be used in many different fields like healthcare, aeronautics, and even to maintain environmental changes. The application of any technology is only limited by the vision of the human mind.  Warren G Bennis in one of his books says,” Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”.

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