Walnut Launches Beyond Demos, Using Intelligence to Boost Revenue

Product demos are central to closing SaaS deals successfully. Despite rapid technological advances, most product demos remain an analogue experience. Prospects poke around on a platform, and sales reps do their best to gather feedback and answer questions.

Often, sales reps struggle to answer questions in context when responding to a prospect’s questions. For instance, a prospect might have an issue with a feature on a screen. Thanks to a lack of real-time issue-capturing abilities on the platform, a company might fail to convert opportunities.

Walnut, the world’s leading sales experience platform has raised the bar when measuring prospect engagement during product demos with their release of Walnut Beyond Demos.

Here’s how this special feature enhances the sales demo experience.

Seamless Communication

Yoav Vilner, CEO of Walnut, is highly attuned to the issues B2B prospects face. “There’s a revolution going on right now where the people have had enough,” he says. “They want B2B sales to be as comfortable, modern, and personalised as B2C sales.”

Customisation in a product demo context involves responding to prospect queries quickly and within context. Walnut’s new features give prospects the chance to list their questions within the product demo platform and preserve context.

For example, prospects can annotate issues and ask SDRs questions directly. In turn, SDRs can monitor demo product usage and qualify prospects. The result is fewer phone calls or emails, and higher conversions.

SDRs and AEs can even customise product demos following a prospect’s questions. For example, if a prospect wishes to explore a particular function deeper, SDRs can customise demo software easily.

The result is a highly engaging customer experience that results in greater pipeline conversions.

Intelligent Feedback

Gathering feedback following a product demo can be challenging. Most prospects struggle to describe their issues with the software, and SDRs struggle to offer solutions. Vilner points out that this unfortunate situation leads many SDRs and AEs to send generic product demos that do not address prospect needs.

Walnut’s platform adds a powerful dimension to product demos. Sales reps can now receive instant feedback on demo quality using Beyond Demos’ automatic engagement score. The score is generated after Walnut takes several factors into account.

For instance, platform engagement and quality are prominent among the factors that Walnut measures. When combined with prospect feedback, the automatic engagement score gives sales reps a quantitative dimension to their demos.

As a result, reps can dig further into issues and uncover potential deal-breakers. Even more significantly, reps can assimilate product feedback and improve future demos, elevating their quality and boosting deal close rates.

Interaction Insights

Sales reps often struggle to quantify how prospects engage with demo platforms. For instance, reps can send prospects a link, but short of recording the demo session and reviewing every click, they cannot understand a prospect’s issues.

Walnut’s analytics function solves this issue by giving sales reps a visual flow of user interaction and activity. Aside from common metrics such as time spent on a page and clicks on a page, Walnut also offers sales reps a view of which features are most popular and engaging.

These datasets are invaluable for sales reps since they give demos a valuable quantitative base. Reps can offer product teams feedback based on hard data, and the latter can prioritise future development accordingly.

Demo flow and engagement reports also help reps isolate problem areas on the platform and tailor experiences accordingly. These analytics thus increase the degree of personalisation sales reps can build into their demos and meet prospect expectations better.

CRM Integration

Receiving a sales demo request is a major milestone in every sales funnel. However, recording post-demo information is problematic and time-consuming. Most demo software stand alone and do not integrate with a company’s sales or CRM platforms.

Walnut solves this issue by seamlessly integrating with CRM platforms such as HubSpot and Salesforce. As a result, reps can incorporate post-demo feedback and issues into the CRM easily, informing the best way to move the deal forward.

These datasets also play a role in boosting conversions throughout the pipeline.

Powering The Next Generation of Demos

“When exploring SaaS products, you don’t know what the product value is until around the tenth meeting,” Vilner says. “You often speak to tons of pre-sales, SDRs, and AEs, and then get a generic demo like any other prospect.” Walnut’s new features combined with existing ones have redefined the way sales teams approach product demos.

The combination of analytics, customisation, and integration is tough to beat. When added to seamless in-demo communication, sales teams now have the data they need to convert more opportunities and boost quota attainment rates.