WebFletch Business Manager Transforms Job Management


WebFletch Business Manager is changing the way people manage jobs. The app has been created to enable managers and business owners to keep track of jobs from wherever they are. It’s a one-stop job management solution to the problem of controlling remote engineers and tasks. In addition, it’s completely paperless, so there’s less fuss, and increased control. The software has been designed to make things effortless for both large teams and sole traders. It allows for speedy scheduling of jobs, updates from the field in real time, and complete customisation so that users of all sizes and needs can enjoy a package that fits their situation perfectly.

Time Saving

Prior to WebFletch Business Manager, managers would have to spend much of their day chasing engineers on the phone, dealing with piles of paperwork for jobs, and managing customer queries. The job management software will trim a lot of the workload that once made the lives of managers and sole traders incredibly stressful and time-consuming.

The features include:

  • Control your team from one easy to use interface
  • Schedule jobs as they come in
  • Assign jobs to engineers quickly and easily
  • Track jobs from beginning to end, so you are always in control
  • Sync the My Jobs mobile app and the Business Manager software, so you can create jobs and update them wherever you are
  • Tailor the software so it suits your needs and your business needs, whether you are a sole trader or a larger organisation

Clearly an excellent product, WebFletch Business Manager has already helped numerous businesses and teams get a handle on their workload. Designed to help managers supervise jobs, it gives them complete control of what is happening in the field, no matter where they are. One satisfied customer is Russell Norris of Acute Elevators, who said, “This job management software is so easy to use, it has saved us hours of admin work and makes us look more professional to our customers.” The creators of the software understand how tough it can be to manage engineers whilst they are out in the field. A lot needs to be done, and it can be easy to miss things or even lose oversight of jobs. WebFletch Business Manager makes everything a lot easier.

What Next?

WebFletch is continuing to grow and expand the software adding new features all the time. As part of the service, customers can request new features and vote on other feature requests. This adds to the bespoke feel of the software, allowing businesses to grow and develop alongside their use of the platform. The software is becoming the market leading job management software and looks like it will continue to grow as in the foreseeable future.