What Are The UK’s Most Sought-After Stocks by Global Investors?

According to a recent study, Shell (SHEL) is the most searched UK stock worldwide, being the top search in 17 countries. There are over an estimated 460,000 monthly global searches for Shell stock.

The study, by UK financial services provider CMC Markets, analysed Google search data for over 250 top UK stocks in 76 countries and found that Shell, BP and AstraZeneca were the top searches in just over half of all countries included. Searches for Shell and BP stock make up one in 12 of all UK stock searches globally.


Stock Top searched stock by country count
Shell (SHEL) 17
BP 14
AstraZeneca (AZN) 8
Rio Tinto (RIO) 3
Endava (DAVA) 3
Barclays (BARC) 2
International Airlines Group (IAG) 2
EasyJet (EZJ) 2
Fresnillo (FRES) 1
International Game Technology (IGT) 1
Endeavour Mining (EDV) 1
Rolls-Royce Holdings (RR) 1
Babcock International (BAB) 1
Ceres Power Holdings (CWR) 1
Vodafone Group (VOD) 1
Diageo (DGE) 1
Royalty Pharma (RPRX) 1
Darktrace (DARK) 1
Prudential (PUK) 1
Unilever (ULVR) 1
Pearson (PSO) 1
Ocado (OCDO) 1
Farfetch (FTCH) 1
Arrival (ARVL) 1
Spirax-Sarco Engineering (SPX) 1
Anglo American (AAL) 1
London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) 1
Glencore (GLEN) 1
British American Tobacco (BTI) 1
Boohoo Group (BOO) 1


Of all countries, Shell, which recently announced record profits of £32.2 billion, is the most popular in 17, including Canada, Netherlands, Singapore and Belgium. Searches for Shell make up over 1 in 50 average monthly global searches.

The study also revealed that BP is the second most searched UK stock globally. The multinational oil and gas company is the most searched in 14 countries like Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Iraq, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam.

BP is also the most popular in the United Kingdom and the United States and has the highest monthly search volume out of any UK stock, over 994,000. Search volume is primarily driven by the United Kingdom and the United States traffic, making up nearly nine in ten (88%) global searches for BP stock. Every 1 in 20 of all UK stock searches is for BP.

Biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca (AZN) has the highest searches in eight countries and is the third most searched UK stock. It was the most searched stock in countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the Republic of Korea. There are over 270,000 monthly global searches for AstraZeneca stocks.

Other popular stocks among consumers include Rio Tinto (RIO) and Endava (DAVA), the most searched UK stock in three countries. Rio Tinto is most searched in Australia, New Zealand and Israel. Endava is most searched in Romania, Macedonia and Serbia.

International Airlines Group (IAG) and EasyJet (EZJ) were the top searches in two countries each. IAG was most searched in Spain and Jersey, and EasyJet in Italy and Greece.

Barclays (BARC) and HSBC were the top searches in two countries each. HSBC was the most searched in Hong Kong and Malaysia, and Barclays was the most searched in Kenya and also Jersey due to having the exact search volume as IAG.

Vodafone Idea Limited (VOD) is the most searched stock in India, with over 59,000 average monthly searches.

The highest average monthly search volume for these stocks was found in the United Kingdom, where BP had over 650,000 average monthly searches.

On the other hand, Endeavor Mining (EDV) was the most searched stock in Cote D’Ivoire and had the lowest average monthly search volume of 100.

A spokesman from CMC Markets commented: “There are over 16.6 million estimated monthly searches for UK stocks worldwide, with just over one in four searches coming from outside the UK.

“These findings highlight BP’s global reach and popularity as a publicly traded company. The high search volume for these stocks indicates strong consumer interest in oil and gas and pharmaceutical companies and their financial performance.

“It is also worth noting that the average monthly search volume for these stocks indicates consumer sentiment towards the stock. Investors should take note of the high search volume for RIO in Australia, HSBC in Hong Kong, VOD in India and IAG in Spain, as this may indicate strong potential for growth in these companies.

“The study provides valuable insight into consumer sentiment towards UK stocks. The findings of the study can help investors make more informed decisions when it comes to investing in UK stocks”.