What Does the Future “Workplace” Look Like for Tech Workers?

Is it time to abandon the traditional “workplace”? A new study shows that 71% of tech workers would continue to work remotely or move overseas if it is an option.


The Future of the Workplace

HR technology startup, Remote, released a new study yesterday highlighting the impact that Covid-19 has had on the future of the “workplace”. For many, lockdown has been an opportunity to explore and adjust to remote working. Whilst working from home is not for everyone, many have seen the merits. Remote’s “Global Workforce Revolution” study surveyed 764 UK-based tech workers and business leaders working in tech startups and SMEs. What was clear is that workers are beginning to defy the idea that local defines career opportunity.


Long Term Transition to Remote Working

As working patterns have changed, many companies are looking towards a longer term transition away from the traditional workplace. A staggering 79% of UK-based tech employees would move if they were able to work their same job remotely and with the same salary; 71% abroad and 8% to a different region of the UK. On average, over a third of employees have asked to work remotely all of the time (35%) or regularly (35%) as a result of Covid-19. 15% of companies already plan to shift to a fully-remote workforce with 52% already exploring remote work in the future. Additionally, 11% of employees have already requested to relocate overseas.


Looking Beyond London 

For decades, London has been the hub of career opportunity but it seems the allure is wearing off. 63% of tech employees believed that the hunt for talent needs to go beyond London. On average, employees expect 33% of tech roles to be remotely located outside of the UK in five years’ time. Similarly, 62% of employees believed that the tech industry would have greater innovation if companies could recruit regardless of location. 49% of employees thought that opening career opportunities to those who cannot afford to live in London would bring new talent. 


Diversity & Equality

Over half of the respondents believed that diversity and equality in the tech sector is important and that these shifts away from the traditional workplace would help. 41% of employees believed a greater level of international remote working could make the tech industry a more global and inclusive community. By removing barriers such as location, the talent search can include people living in typically poorer areas.