WhatsApp Introduces Long-Awaited Message Editing Feature

In a much-anticipated move, WhatsApp has finally announced the introduction of message editing, a feature that has been highly sought after by its user base.

Mark Zuckerberg himself took to Facebook to share the news, revealing that users will now have the ability to modify sent messages within a 15-minute window. By simply pressing and holding on a message, users can tap on the edit option to make the desired changes. To indicate that a message has been edited, an “edited” tag will be displayed next to the timestamp, although no revision history will be stored. Notably, previous versions of edited messages will not be visible to other users.

In an official blog post, WhatsApp expressed its excitement about granting users more control over their chats. This improvement comes as part of WhatsApp’s ongoing efforts to enhance the overall user experience.

Previously, WhatsApp users had to resort to either deleting an entire message or sending a separate correction message. Last year, the platform extended the time limit for deleting a message from 48 hours to 60 hours.

However, the introduction of the editing feature eliminates the need for such workarounds.

WhatsApp’s move to introduce message editing places it in line with its competitors, such as Telegram and Signal, which have long provided this functionality to their users. Apple’s iOS 16 also joined the trend by introducing message editing and unsending capabilities within its iMessage platform. Even Twitter acknowledged the demand for editing features by introducing an edit button exclusively for its paid users.

While WhatsApp’s 15-minute window is not as generous as Telegram’s 48-hour timeframe, it is undoubtedly a welcome addition for users seeking more control over their messages.

WhatsApp has already begun rolling out the message editing feature to its users, and it is expected to become available to all users worldwide in the coming weeks. With this update, WhatsApp aims to provide greater control and flexibility in messaging, empowering users to rectify errors and enhance the clarity of their conversations.