New crowdgifting app, WhatWeWant, set to transform gift-giving process

  • New mobile app, WhatWeWant has launched this week and is available to download from app stores.
  • The app offers users the opportunity to notify family and friends of the gift they really want and invites them to contribute to the present.
  • The crowdgifting platform aims to tackle the issue of unwanted gifts in the UK:

– 53% of UK consumers have received an unwanted gift within the last 12 months

– 20% have admitted to throwing a present away without using it

– 50% of consumers drop hints about their dream present to friends and family

New crowdgifting app, WhatWeWant, has launched this week, offering a solution to the problem of unwanted gifts.


The term crowdgifting, coined by the creators of WhatWeWant, refers to groups of family and friends collaborating to purchase a larger, meaningful gift for someone close to them.

The family-owned app allows users to create a profile for a gift for themselves or for someone else and invite friends and family to make a monetary contribution. The app then notifies friends and family of their invitation and enables them to make a secure payment towards the gift.

Unwanted presents are becoming an increasing issue for UK consumers. In a nationally representative survey of over 2,000 UK consumers commissioned by WhatWeWant, it was revealed that over half (53%) of consumers have received an unwanted gift within the past 12 months. Consequently, one fifth (20%) admit to throwing their presents away without using them.

This revelation comes despite 50% of people dropping hints about their ideal gift to friends and family. WhatWeWant provides a platform for people to clearly vocalise what they want as a present and ensure that their dream gift is not lost in translation, bridging the communication gap between recipients and gift-givers.


Yiannis Faf, co-founder of WhatWeWant said “It’s great that consumers are so generous with their spending – but there seems to be a lack of communication between the recipient and the gift giver. Consequently, the perfect present gets lost in translation.

Co-founder Dimitris Faf followed this up by saying “WhatWeWant offers an accessible platform for recipients to clearly communicate to prospective gift-givers what they want as a present. This enables gift-givers to securely contribute towards a larger, more meaningful gift, which they know the recipient will love. This will inevitably make the gift giving process more enjoyable for all parties involved.”