WhiteBIT’s CEO Announced Cooperation With the Spanish Government

whitebit spain

WhiteBIT, previously a small startup from Kharkiv and now the most prominent European crypto exchange, announced its collaboration with Spanish government bodies. The company opened its office and has already conducted several meetings with local businesses and government agencies.

For a relatively short period, the crypto exchange, led by Volodymyr Nosov, has already achieved many accomplishments. On their account, the purchase of the Eurovision Cup, a Memorandum of cooperation with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (designed to help Ukrainians abroad), and a joint fundraising initiative with Whitepay to support the military and civilians in Ukraine.

With its wide media presence and numerous partnerships, WhiteBIT draws the attention of the world community to the war in Ukraine and helps Kharkiv and other Ukrainian cities in every possible way.

In addition, Volodymyr Nosov’s team is actively developing and adding new exchange functionality. Earlier this year, WhiteBIT introduced perpetual futures and finally released its digital asset — WhiteBIT Token (WBT), which immediately gained popularity and recognition in the crypto community. 

We talked with Volodymyr Nosov about the path of WhiteBIT, company priorities, plans, and cooperation with government agencies in the new Spanish market.

We asked Volodymyr Nosov what WhiteBIT is besides being a trustworthy crypto exchange from Ukraine. According to him, “WhiteBIT is a product in which my team and I have invested time, effort, and our souls. It is not just an exchange where users can buy and sell crypto. It is a tool with much greater possibilities. It helps us build bridges and prove that digital currencies and blockchain are the future and that these technologies can help countries at the highest level.”

“Entering the Spanish market was the next step in our development, and now we will collaborate with its government,” added WhiteBIT’s CEO.

We also found what small companies need to grow in the crypto sector. According to Volodymyr Nosov: “Modern business requires modern solutions. You cannot develop your product if you hope customers will run to you after implementing one feature. It is impossible to work on a product periodically. It would be best if you had a plan and constantly worked on improving your product to achieve trust from your first users. Unfortunately, many people now think crypto is a bubble that will burst after their first deposit, and dishonest project owners will pocket their money and vanish. Thus, WhiteBIT as a crypto exchange has to put a lot more effort into convincing users that we do not want to cheat them and run away, but we want to improve their life and open new opportunities for them.”

We also asked Volodymyr Nosov how general cooperation with government agencies affects the WhiteBIT exchange. Nosov stated: “Such cooperation is beneficial to both parties. On the one hand, we are partnering with the highest government forces in the country, and that allows people to believe us, to believe that we are not scammers but an honest company. And for a state, this is an opportunity to provide its citizens with new services they can use comfortably. At all meetings with government agencies, we look for ways how we can be useful to each other and usually find at least several points of interaction. We do not enter other markets just to make money. WhiteBIT provides its capacities to spread blockchain technology and help in areas where we can be useful.”

“The trust of our existing customers backs up our active development. We cannot let them down, so we are working hard on it,” Volodymyr Nosov added.

As we see, WhiteBIT compensates its youth with hard work and constant development, and Volodymyr Nosov skillfully leads the team. Recently, the company scored another achievement — it launched its token, which launchpad quickly ended in the first 15 minutes after the start.

Volodymyr Nosov commented on the rapid success of the WhiteBIT Token, pointing out that “WBT is not just a digital asset for making money. Its goal is multiple applications in various businesses and government sectors, which will open many new doors for its users. Our token development strategy includes bonuses for its holders, but this is only a part of our work in this direction. The true potential of WBT will be revealed when we integrate it into the public sector of Ukraine and, perhaps, other countries with time.“

WhiteBIT is a crypto exchange from Kharkiv that complies with all KYC and AML requirements and is in the top 2 securest cryptocurrency exchanges around the world, according to an independent audit by Hacken. The WhiteBIT exchange offers over 400 trading pairs, trading with up to 20x leverage and perpetual futures.