Who Are Dragon’s Den’s Most Successful Companies?

Dragons’ Den, BBC’s most successful entrepreneurial TV show, has showcased some of the UK’s most successful startups. Through giving new businesses the chance to pitch to some of the UK’s biggest investors, the programme has helped hundreds of companies achieve million pound valuations.

In 2011, The Guardian reported that the TV show hit an impressive 4.3 million viewers and has likely grown its audience since. Given the exposure that startups receive on the show, it’s no surprise that so many apply to be on the show.

In fact, back in 2017, TechRound spoke to Dragon’s Den alum Pouch who reported that in the 2 weeks following their appearance on the show, their site received 200,000 visits, 1,000,000 page views and 40,000 downloads of their chrome extension.

It’s no wonder then that startups all over the country eagerly pitch to appear in the den. But who are the investors that they pitch to?


Who Are The Most Successful Dragons?


Each episode on Dragons’ Den, we watch the Dragons invest thousands of pounds into businesses, hoping they have funded the next big venture.

But who are they? And how much are they worth? According to statistics by National World, the results are in…


Sara Davies: £37 million

Sara Davies joined Dragons’ Den in series seventeen. At just 19, she founded Crafter’s Companion while studying at university, which led to her substantial fortune, solidifying her place as an investor in the den.


Deborah Meaden: £40 million

The longest-serving Dragon, Deborah Meaden, has had various business ventures. She began with a ceramics business in Italy and later took over Weststar Holidays and the wool company Fox Brothers. Now, Deborah is known for backing sustainable businesses with an interest in plant-based products.


Steven Bartlett: £68 million

The newest member, podcast host Steven Bartlett, is known for his award-winning series ‘The Diary of a CEO’. He founded Social Chain from his bedroom at 22 and has since founded multiple successful businesses including Thirdweb, Flight Story and Flight Fund.


Touker Suleyman: £200 million

Touker Suleyman joined Dragons’ Den in 2013. He moved from accountancy to the fashion industry, taking over businesses such as Ghost and Hawes and Curtis, and has expanded into other brands throughout his career.


Peter Jones: £490 million

The richest Dragon, Peter Jones, started his career at 16 with a personalised computer business. He owns Peter Jones TV and the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy, investing in a huge number of successful businesses.


Guest Dragons

Gary Neville, best known as a footballer, has an estimated net worth of £70 million. He has invested largely in property and co-founded the production company Buzz 16.

Emma Grede, co-founder of Good American and Skims, has an estimated net worth of £280 million. Her ventures alongside the Kardashians have seen huge success, with the most recent being launching cleaning brand Safely with Kris Jenner.


The Show’s Success Stories


James Dooley, founder of FatRank, has pulled together some of the show’s biggest success stories. These companies have gone on to become household names and redefine industries. These businesses have not only found success for themselves, they have also provided an incredible ROI for some of the Dragons’ investments, turning their equity valuations from the thousands to the millions.

These companies include:



James Watt and Martin Dickie’s BrewDog, a craft beer empire, started as a small brewery in Scotland on a mission to brew great beer. Years later they caught the attention of the Dragons with the beer’s bold flavours and rebellious ethos.

A £100,000 investment drove BrewDog’s to expand into an international beer powerhouse, now valued in the billions and dominating the world craft beer industry.


Reggae Reggae Sauce

Levi Roots’ Reggae Reggae Sauce turned heads with its unique Caribbean spices and charm, securing a £50,000 investment from the Dragons. Roots’ product caught the attention of both investors and consumers, leading to significant growth post-Dragons’ Den.

Today, Reggae Reggae Sauce is a staple on supermarket shelves, a testament to the product’s appeal and authenticity.


Tangle Teezer

Shaun Pulfrey’s Tangle Teezer, now a household name, is a hairbrush that impressed the Dragons with its innovative design, aimed to untangle hear without breaking it.

With a £100,000 investment, Tangle Teezer has now become a global sensation in the haircare industry worth many millions.



Rob Law’s Trunki, a ride-on suitcase for children secured a £100,000 investment on Dragons’ Den. With its playful design and practical functionality for children, Trunki quickly became a must-have travel accessory for families worldwide.

Law’s leadership and investment managed to propel the company to a valuation of over £12M according to City AM.


Dragons’ Den has not only provided investment but also incredible mentorship and exposure opportunities for startups.

From products to partnerships, Dragons’ Den has played a huge role in shaping the startup landscape in the UK.