Why Data Cable Installers Are Still Essential

Relying on artificial intelligence – or AI as it’s more readily known – is increasingly commonplace, with research showing that 97% of mobile users admit to using AI-powered assistants.

AI is all about making life easy. A shout-out to Alexa is all that’s needed to switch lights on or turn the volume down. And the latest innovation – content creation – takes this to another level, taking just seconds to draft a business proposal, pen an essay, or even write a love poem for that special someone.

Whilst AI content is by no means flawless (yet!), it is a valuable tool, helping many to get the creative juices flowing and save valuable time. But journalists and writers aren’t the only professionals tensing. With the global market expected to reach a worth of over 1.8 trillion dollars by 2030, it appears the sky is the limit and there could be more jobs on the line.

But whilst robots may already be serving meals and chatbots providing customer service, there are some areas where the ‘human touch’ is still required. One of these lies at the heart of technology itself – cable management.

Want to understand more about the role of data cabling? Here we take a look at what data cable installers do and why it’s one service area that will be keeping it real!

What Do Data Cable Installers Do?

Even the most impressive tech relies on effective cable management.

Without proper cabling systems in place, technology won’t perform at its best, resulting in unstable networks, unreliable connections and a below-par experience.

Investing in the help of a professional, will not only ensure that your systems run on the most effective cables – increasing speed and response rates – it will also help to minimise power outages, improve connections and reduce the threat of lost data.

Why Are They Necessary?

When technology advances so quickly, it’s understandable to question whether systems are smart enough to sort themselves out – do you really need someone to deal with your cabling?

The answer to this is a resounding, yes. Tech is clever, but it’s not that clever.

So, whilst quick setups and ‘smart’ devices are readily available, the backbone of these systems still requires human intervention.

Professional data cabling will ensure:

  • Safety – with a professional cabler, safety will always be paramount. Health and safety standards will be met, and the risk of an accident or mishap dramatically reduced with carefully organised wiring systems to ensure no trailing wires create a trip hazard or risk of overheating.
  • Security – keep your connections private and avoid unwanted tampering. With cable management cables will be secured safely out of harm’s way helping to increase data security.
  • Performance – with professional cabling and expert guidance on the best wiring to use, reaction speeds will increase, and downtime will be reduced.
  • Future success – use an experienced cabler and they will plan ahead to allow for business growth or a change in demand with a cabling system that can be easily adapted to meet future needs. This ‘future proofing’ guarantees that any investment into cabling is money well spent to ensure cost-effective growth.

Speak To the Professionals

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With an experienced (human) team of data cable installers, they are highly experienced in all areas of cabling, offering a professional service for high-quality structured cabling installation to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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