Why techies are an essential asset for the marketing team

By Christopher Willis, CMO for Acrolinx

One of the hottest terms in communications is “martech,” also known as technology-powered marketing. Encompassing everything from email marketing and blogging, to chatbots, AI-generated content, and big data, the blending of marketing and technology is fast becoming a vital way to reach consumers.

Skilling up

Technical skills are now crucial to the marketing team. From database querying, front-end development, automation, modeling, and testing, there are a number of beneficial skills that techies bring to a marketing team in a tech-powered world.

 1. Data analysis

Advanced data analysis skills are invaluable within a marketing team, especially when it comes to evaluating things like your content performance. Are people interacting with your content, sharing it, and more readily clicking through to your website? Does your content resonate? Luckily, you can now measure all of this performance data with a content governance solution, and even make predictions about it in advance. That includes how likely your content is to perform well and what you can do to improve it. 

2. Front-end development

Marketers don’t need to become full-blown developers, but those who understand the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript provide value to the team, and the company. How many times have technical teams been asked for websites, concept pages, or apps that they simply can’t deliver? A basic understanding of development on a marketing team means those members will be more in sync with the capabilities of the development team — and match their ideas to what the developers can actually deliver.

 3. Marketing automation

 There are now hundreds of tools available to automate the most common marketing tasks. And for marketers to be successful in their roles, they need to be adept at using these automation tools. Products like MailChimp, for example, make it easy for marketers to segment and personalise emails. Indeed, by keeping up-to-date on the automation landscape, it’s now incredibly easy for marketers to adapt and target their outreach.